How To Write Interesting Articles For Both Google and Readers

    Today, increasingly more marketers implement SEO copywriting as a part of their marketing strategies. Those who don’t know much about content optimization have some misconceptions about SEO writing.

    If we create content for Google algorithms, will it be interesting for humans? We are here to put SEO ducks in a row and explain how to attract real people with your content and increase your rankings in one fell swoop.

    Content for Humans VS Content for Machines

    If you look at Google guidelines on SEO content, you can notice how much search engines care about their users. You can’t find a website on the top of Google search results that would be unpleasant to scroll. That makes the quality of the content key to higher rankings and a larger number of readers.

    On one hand, content optimization implies user-friendliness, that is why you are working both for search engines and real people. On the other hand, even if you achieve top results, you still need to keep your readers engaged in your content afterward.

    If you want to discover how to write quality SEO content for Google and your audience, read on and use our top 5 tactics.

    5 Signs of Great SEO Writing

    1.   You Address Your Readers

    The basis for all your future work should be targeted content. That means you write for your target audience to meet their needs and give them solutions. You can’t create one-size-fits-all content, so better sketch your perfect reader first.

    How old are your potential customers? What are they looking for? What can you offer to them? Which concerns may they have and how can you help them? What media do they use most often? These questions may help you focus on aspects that matter most for your content.

    After this preparatory stage, you will feel more confident about the digital marketing approaches you choose to promote content. Moreover, SEO writing is all about communication with other websites, and Google appreciates if these interactions are relevant.

    2.   Your Content is Comprehensive

    The greatest examples of content optimization are long-form articles on a single topic that cover as many aspects as possible. By the way, such content will attract guest bloggers more often. That happens because an appropriate SEO optimization of a blog drives quality backlinks and leads to higher Google rankings.

    SEO writing is about comprehensive, well-researched content that solves all possible issues concerning the chosen topic. A popular kind of such evergreen content is ultimate guides.

    3.   Basic Content Optimization

    Your SEO writing will not be successful without a number of essential optimization stages. You will deal with technical search engine optimization and work for Google. But as a result, you will make your website more appealing for target readers. Here are 6 steps you do not want to skip for the sake of quality content optimization:

    1. Choose the right title. Catchy but informative, your title should awake clear expectations about the content inside. Ideally, try to start the title with keywords.
    2. Spruce up your URL. A clean URL with keywords in it will be a great complement to your page optimization.
    3. Organize your tags. H1 for the title, H2, H3 for subheadings – with a few clicks you will make your page more good-looking and structured for both Google and readers.
    4. Insert keywords wisely. For a while, the number of keywords has not been a crucial SEO factor. Moreover, overstuffing your post with keywords can lead to Google penalties. So, try to use them properly, and also insert them in the first 100-150 words of the article.
    5. Make your pages load faster. If your page loads more than 4 seconds, your readers will less likely revisit it. Loading speed is an important SEO signal for Google and a quality sign for your visitors.
    6. Make your content shareable. SEO writing specialists may sometimes ignore this detail, but encouraging sharing your post via various media is a great addition to your article optimization.

    These optimization aspects should become an indispensable framework for every post you place on your website. This will instantly boost your SEO performance.

    4.   Your Text is Scannable

    By making your article scannable, you create user-friendly navigation through the text. In this way, your readers can easily find the information they are looking for. In addition, the post looks pleasing to the eye.

    To do that, divide the whole text into thematic sections with subheaders, break up long and heavy passages into sense-bearing paragraphs, and include numerical or bulleted lists. Surround your article with empty space to make it nicer and more enjoyable to read.

    5.   Your Grammar is Nice & Clean

    Finally, make sure your text is easy and fun to read. Of course, your tone of voice and writing style is only your business, but some tips will make your content sound better for a wider public:

    • Avoid long sentences. They can sound tricky, and the idea will be hard to grasp. Prioritize sentences of 35 words or fewer.
    • Don’t complicate the text with intricate words and structures. Simple explanations reveal expertise and furthermore attract more readers.
    • Stick to the active voice, as it makes the message more direct to the reader and thus more engaging.
    • Check your texts for minor errors and readability with automated services. For instance, try out Grammarlyand Hemingway Editor.

    People want to enjoy consuming your content, so it makes sense to take care of your text. That will attract new audiences and keep your visitors engaged, making them scroll your website for more information. And that is a good signal for Google, too.

    Wrapping Up

    Content optimization is a complex process, but it will be a significant investment in your SEO writing expertise. You can use these tips in guest posting, too. If you have ever wanted to start this fruitful marketing tactic, visit to dive into guest blogging. For your website, make content optimization a normal routine, and higher rankings for your pages will be forthcoming.


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