Writing the Perfect Post for Facebook Audiences

    Are you struggling to connect with your Facebook audience? Do you want to know how to make your posts more engaging? You might need a few examples too! Well, look no further! In this article, we will answer all of those questions and more.

    Visuals that Standout

    No one walks into a store without a window display. That one great-looking tie drags people in. A Facebook post, too, needs a similar attraction-grabbing visual. Every other Facebook post is your competition, and you have less than 10 seconds to get your customer’s attention. Therefore, whether you use GIFs, static images, or videos, keep in mind the following.

    • Limit your text. Images with more than 20% text have a reduced delivery rate. Use Facebook’s image text check before posting for better results.
    • Get the right resolution for Facebook. A high-quality image reflects greatly on your current audience and helps retain them.
    • Cater to audiences on their phone. This is very important as more than 80% of Facebook users are mobile users. Test out your posts on the mobile view to ensure your text is legible, and consider a vertical video or a portrait image for maximum effect.

    Keep Your Texts Tight

    The next grappling aspect of your post is your text – keep it simple, short, and crisp. Avoid promotional language or business jargon, not only is it off-putting, but it may also put you out of favor with the Facebook algorithm.

    Branding your personality is important. Make your script witty, friendly, and professional – thread the line between them and keep it personal. Connecting to the audience is key.

    Update Yourself

    There are various reasons to fall out of fashion. Sometimes, it could be because we failed to realize that one of our previous posts has turned into sensitive content. It is important to keep track of your previous posts to hide someone or two if necessary.

    Most people choose to hide instead of delete because of the efforts that went into them. To ensure it is not abrupt, look at this tip to unhide Facebook posts.

    While you can unhide parts of your history online, you need to be sure of your decision first. After all the effort put into these posts, there is no point in compromising your reputation on social media. What you reveal to the rest of the world is in your hands.

    Have the Right Schedule and Structure

    Posting at the right frequency is crucial when branding yourself. Depending on the frequency, the audience will either walk away or completely forget your online presence. Try to stay in the Goldilocks zone of frequency, keep in mind that various social media platforms have varying unwritten rules, and find your sweet spot on Facebook and monitor yourself to make necessary tweaks whenever necessary.

    If it gets overwhelming to keep track of it all, use a post planner and schedule posts ahead of time. This way saves you a lot of time and gives you the time to think through your posts in continuity. Use cross-platform scheduling tools, create a massive content library and stay as organized as possible.

    The most important thing, however, is to focus on quality over quantity. Unless your content stands out, you stand no chance of retaining your audience, so take your time with it.

    Have a Compelling Call-to-Action

    What is it that you want people to do after they read your posts? Buy your products? Work in your organization? Sign up to volunteer for your cause? If you can’t answer this, no one else will be able to.

    Web traffic is tricky but no rocket science. It needs to be manifested and lured towards ourselves. Power verbs like subscribe, download or click will put Facebook users into action mode. Also, use urgency in your tone with phrases like, “only a few slots left!” or “the first 30 subscribers get a gift bag!”

    Incentivize and Target

    A call-to-action is only as good as the incentive it provides. If there aren’t good reasons to visit your website, despite the tantalizing post, there won’t be any traffic. Know what your audience wants and provide them with that and much more if possible.

    Finally, it is equally important to find the right target audience. There is no reason to market back-to-school products to a software engineer looking to buy a car instead. Dig into your customer’s interests and market your product to their needs. Sometimes it pays to tell them what they want.


    There are other tips to consider, like pinning your post to the top or providing people with a link to visit. Make the posts engaging, give away prizes for the quiz winners. The list is exhaustive, and it is ultimately your strategy to formulate how to make your posts as engaging as possible.


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