3 Home Technology Trends to Keep an Eye On

    Technology continues to advance at a rapid rate, and it’s tricky to try to stay on top of tech trends as they emerge. This is especially true since technology has an infinite number of applications, whether in businesses, cities, or at home. When it comes to home technology, here are three trends you should definitely know about:

    1. Mobile VoIP

    What is mobile VoIP? Mobile VoIP is the process of using an internet connection to make phone calls instead of cell towers like most people have relied on since cell phone usage took off. Paying for calls and texts in addition to internet connection can be incredibly costly, which is why many people, especially those who work from home, are switching to mobile VoIP.

    For the most part, using a mobile VoIP is as easy as downloading an app and connecting to your internet connection.

    1. Smart Health Appliances

    Another fascinating home technology trend is the advancement of smart health appliances, such asĀ smart air purifiers, smart water filtration systems, and even smart toilets! Smart technologies like these can work together to keep our homes clean and our bodies healthy without adding more work our own to-do lists.

    These appliances constantly monitor various data points and change their input or output, depending on what is needed to improve air quality or reduce pathogens. It will certainly be interesting to see how smart technology continues to evolve in the home.

    1. Voice Assistants

    Voice assistants, such as Google Home and Amazon Alexa, have been around for several years now, but they continue to improve and grow their list of capabilities. Artificial intelligence (AI) itself has become more advanced and useful in the real world, which has allowed these devices to help users with all kinds of chores and tasks.

    For instance, voice assistants can control various appliances around the house, create grocery lists based on your past purchases, and play music you are likely to enjoy. Voice assistants can also provide you with information in real-time, such as news updates, sports scores, and weather reports.

    It can feel impossible to keep up with technology trends, even just those that are emerging around the home, but these three have already proven to be immensely helpful for many individuals and families. Not only does it appear that these trends are here to stay, but it’s inevitable that they will continue to improve and change our lives in ways we never thought possible.



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