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Indubitably | Meaning and Use

There is an expression beyond the shadow of a doubt. It means that something is true, without the remotest possibility that it could be false. If you were to declare your absolute certainty of something, you would say that it was true beyond the shadow of a doubt.

Alternatively, you could say that it was indubitably true.

Defining Indubitably

The word indubitably can be defined as “without a doubt.” It is an adverb, meaning that it modifies verbs and adjectives. Using it in a sentence indicates that the statement you are making has no room for uncertainty. For example:

Our team will indubitably meet our sales goals this quarter.

There is an adjective form of this word as well: indubitable. It has a similar meaning,

My uncle was an indubitable lady’s man.

If you want to get fancy, there are even two noun equivalents: indubitableness and indubitability.

Differentiating Indubitably, Undoubtedly, and Doubtless

There are two other adverbs with similar meanings to indubitably. They are doubtless and undoubtedly. However, these words do not mean precisely the same thing as indubitably. The adverb doubtless literally means “without a doubt,” but its closest synonym is “probably.” It implies firm confidence.

The player will doubtless make this free throw to tie the game.

The word undoubtedly is somewhat stronger, implying that there is near-certainty that something will happen.

The stock market will undoubtedly respond negatively to this news.

However, indubitably is the strongest of these adverbs. It indicates that something is so certain, there is no point in doubting it. These are subtle gradations. If you really want to up your game, here is a breakdown for easy reference.

  • Doubtless implies that something will very likely happen
  • Undoubtedly implies that something will almost certainly happen
  • Indubitably implies that something will happen beyond all possibility for doubt.

Indubitably Examples

Le Monde’s “Weekly Selection” of its news in English translation. Le Monde is like no other paper on earth It is considered…to be the most faultlessly edited, and indubitably the best written newspaper in Europe. – The New Yorker

Indubitably the farthest reaches of the once humble jean have now been charted. – The Times Magazine

“So, although my novel will indubitably be a James Bond novel, it will also indubitably be a William Boyd novel. The mesh of the two should be very intriguing — or so I hope!” – The New York Times (interview with William Boyd)

When will we find the political will to rid the world of the scourge of poverty with the same resolve as will indubitably be taken to rid the world of the scourge of terrorism? —The New York Times, September 12, 2001

The absence of suffering, the satisfaction of one’s needs and consequent freedom in the choice of one’s occupation, that is, of one’s way of life, now seemed to Pierre to be indubitably man’s highest happiness. —Leo Tolstoy

Similar Words You Can Choose Instead

The word indubitably is on the more formal end of the writing spectrum. You are less likely to come across it in daily emails or a chat by the water cooler, that formal documents, literature or newspaper articles.  

If you are not sure if indubitably is the word you want to use for the message you are trying to get across, here are some related words you con reach for:

  • Without a doubt 
  • Beyond a shadow of a doubt 
  • Unmistakably 
  • Unquestionably
  • Certainly

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