How to Make Sure Your Business Name Come Across the Right Way

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    As a business owner, naming your company can be a difficult task. Not only do you have to come up with a name, but it should also be suitable for your business, and mean the same in several languages. If you are planning on expanding globally, you must know how your name will sound to foreigners, as well as know any connotations to the name. Let’s have a look at some tips to naming your business the best way and what to have in mind when doing so.

    Get help from a useful tool

    Before you go to think about the meaning of a word, you need to come up with some potential names. To get the thought-wheel spinning is not always an easy task, which is why you can seek help with useful tools. Name generators online are great for kickstarting the thought process, and for brainstorming ideas alone or in a team. 

    A name will vary a lot from business to business, and the industry you are working in. If you are founding a law practice of selling medical gear, you will want a simple and professional name to make customers trust you. If you are starting a costume store, or you are making toys, the name can be more playful. To help with this, you can find the funniest business name at and maybe you will find your new favorite.


    Source: Unsplash

    Research your name

    Now that you might have some name options, it is time to figure out if this should be the one. The first thing you can do is to research if the name and domain are free. If another business has the same name, it is a no-go right away. Then you can look to the countries where you are planning to sell in, or perhaps expand to in the future, does the name mean something strange here? 

    Any successful businessman will tell you the importance of knowing your audience, whether it be for a pitch, daily communication, or the name of your company. You should therefore ask some natives from the countries if they have some specific connotations to the name and if this can be perceived as something negative here. 

    Be memorable and unique

    The first impression is key, and this also goes for business names. A potential customer should be able to see your name and notice it right away. A name can be memorable, and spark curiosity in the customer so that they would like to revisit it. Furthermore, you should also think about the business’ many platforms. You need to attach a domain name, preferably the same as your company name, as well as create a memorable website and perhaps even social media users. These are all things that you as a business owner can use to front your company in the best way possible to suit any market you are planning on entering.   



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