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Can Someone Let Me Know the Meaning of LMK?


  • LMK is an abbreviation that stands for “let me know.” 
  • You can use this abbreviation in informal text in the same situations where you might spell out the phrase, but you should avoid using the acronym when socializing verbally. 

Modern texting language is full of abbreviations and slang, making it difficult for those discovering a new expression for the first time. One of the abbreviations you may encounter is “LMK.” 

What does this abbreviation stand for, and how can you use it properly? No worries – here’s everything you need to know to become savvy with “LMK” so that you can not only understand it but make proper use of it yourself if you so choose! 

What Is the Meaning of LMK?

LMK is merely a shortcut for the expression “let me know.” 

The texting phenomenon has oversimplified language to the point that people can hold entire (albeit limited) conversations with an amazingly minimal amount of letters thanks to abbreviations and simplifications of expressions and ideas. 

One among many simplified texting strategies, LMK is relatively easy to use as the meaning is the same as if you were spelling the word out, with no additions or variances.

Because of that, anytime you might find yourself wanting to write “let me know” on the quick, you can put “LMK” instead.  

This strategy applies to using LMK by itself or within a complete sentence. 

LMK = Let Me Know

How Do I Use “Let Me Know?”

Of course, using LMK is complicated if you aren’t sure how to use the expression itself. 

“Let me know” is used to request information from another person when they have the opportunity once they acquire the desired knowledge. 

For instance, if you were planning to meet a friend at a restaurant at a specific time but were unaware of which place and what time they expected you, you might ask them to inform you by asking the person if they could let you know. 

  • Paul, can you let me know what time we should meet and which restaurant? 

This usage is a fundamental request for information. Here’s a different example:

  • Let me know when you arrive at the airport, Jenny, so I can pick you up!

A similar request for an appointed time, the person inquiring wants to be at the airport on time so that Jenny doesn’t have to wait around after her flight arrives. 

  • When you find out what our daughter wants for her birthday, let me know

As another basic request for information, the parent is seeking information regarding a particular item in this situation. 

Notice that “let me know” can be found at the sentence’s beginning, middle, or end.

Proper Usage of LMK

With a grasp of how to use the expression itself, it’s time to plug in the abbreviation. Notice that you can use “LMK” as an exact replacement for “let me know” without changing the meaning of the sentence. 

  • Paul, can you lmk what time we are supposed to meet and which restaurant? 
  • Lmk when you arrive at the airport, Jenny, so I can pick you up!
  • When you find out what our daughter wants for her birthday, lmk!

Pretty simple, right? 

LMK is just one abbreviation among many, especially in text, so people who use these abbreviations will usually use several for extreme brevity. Here are some similar situations using the above sentences for illustrative purposes.

  • Can u lmk when we r sposed 2 meet and where?
  • Lmk when u get 2 the airport, k?
  • When u know wat ur daughter wants 4 her bday, lmk! 

These and other shortcuts can save a lot of time, but a person unfamiliar with text lingo may be confused. 

Remember that these techniques are helpful for text, but you should not use conventions such as these in spoken language.

Final Thoughts

LMK is a relatively simple abbreviation that most people will recognize, primarily based on the context of the conversation. Since generally people are aware of how to use “let me know,” it quickly becomes second nature to use this shortcut to save time.

Remember that you can use LMK in any part of the sentence in any situation where “let me know” is appropriate or even by itself if the meaning is clear. 

Venture forth into the world of texting shorthand, and lmk if this information has been helpful in your journey!

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