5 Effective Techniques you should Learn for Working with B2B Influencers

    If you’re a student studying Business Management, you’ll likely work with B2B influencers in the future. While you’ll learn all about B2B during your studies, it’s unlikely you’ll be given any techniques on how to work effectively with B2B influencers. So, this is where this article comes in! We’re going to show you five effective techniques to use when working with B2B influencers in this $10 billion market. So, without further ado, here are the best 5 techniques to learn about influencer leadership as a college business management student.

    Technique #1 – know the influencer objectives and marketing goals

    There are many things to learn while working with B2B influencers, and an ideal first step to connecting with influencers is to write a plan. You need to know how a B2B influencer can help you. Do you want lead generation? Brand exposure? Having clear aims will make planning your work with B2B influencers much easier.

    For this strategy, you might want to look for a range of thought leaders and influencers and seek social media takeover examples before selecting who your key partners could be. You might want to think about having tiers of influencer involvement – some that are light touch, some that are more strategic, and others that are high-touch collaborations.

    Technique #2 – look for new ways to find and work with B2B influencers

    As a Business Management student, you don’t have much time on your hands. Using online help like Writix can help free up your time for future planning, allowing you to explore new ways to find B2B influencers to work with.

    It’s pretty easy to source influencers from the internet, but you should be mindful of how you go about selecting them. The right B2B influencers will have a link to your niche, and they shouldn’t be buying followers or spamming their feeds with third-party content that’s irrelevant. What you need is an authentic B2B influencer who will give you a substantial ROI.

    Technique #3 – know the B2B influencer’s makeup in their roles

    Just like all businesses are not equal, all influencers aren’t either. You need to explore the influencers’ makeup – who are they? What do they do? Do they have other roles like being a consultant, an author, an academic, a public speaker?

    If you know your influencers personally, you can select them more easily for tasks that they can really make a difference with. For example, if you want some customized content, an author could help, or if you need a keynote speaker, it might be worth investing in one who is also an influencer to grant you more exposure.

    When you look at a B2B influencer’s makeup, you’ll be able to see more clearly who they are, their interests, and their backgrounds. And you can use that to your advantage.

    Technique #4 – know their influencer leadership portfolio

    When you know all about your B2B influencer’s influencer makeup and roles, you need to explore their content more. If you look at their portfolio and feeds, you’ll be able to see what their books, blogs, articles, podcasts, webinars, media interviews, keynote speeches, etc., are like.

    With this knowledge, you can determine how they can help your business niche. You’ll also be able to cut the waffle with the superficial content you might see posted on their social media, which might just be popular because of its excellent title rather than its content.

    When you look deeper into your influencers’ portfolios, you’ll see beyond their headlines and see who they are in terms of their points of view. It will really help you to identify who can help you with each aspect of your business and campaigns.

    Technique #5 – create a genuine partnership with the best B2B influencers

    Just like all business deals, you can consider working with a B2B influencer as a partnership that works two ways. Between you, you can exchange value. Almost all B2B influencers are looking for more than just monetary rewards. They might be interested in joining a formal program, attending events, or just more exposure. Whatever they’re interested in, it’s often possible to trade deliverables with influencers. They might, for example, agree to unpaid amplification on social media in exchange for paid activities like being a keynote speaker at an event or authoring a piece online.

    Final thoughts on working with B2B influencers

    Like many business deals, a lot is riding on the ongoing relationship. Having a good working relationship with your B2B influencers will benefit you both. If you just concentrate on specifics – like tactics – you will get limited and not sustainable results. To have a long-lasting relationship, you need to cultivate your partnership. Focus on creating content that benefits you both, that way, you’ll reach a target audience while having a beneficial impact on the influencer too. Strategic approaches like these will put your brand forward in a positive light long-term and will also attract new clients. What’s more, it will also outflank competitors!

    Finally, don’t worry about all of these being premature if you’re still at college or university – it isn’t. Many entrepreneurs who go on to have successful businesses consider all of these things while they’re studying, and they work hard both on their studies and on their personal business plans at the same time. That way, they’re ahead of the game when it comes to their classmates and competitors!

    To summarize, have goals, look for B2B influencers carefully, know the influencers’ strengths, explore their portfolios, and create genuine partnerships. Good luck!



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