Frustrated by Expensive Printer Ink? We Have a Solution

    For decades, Canon and fellow brands have thrived off the “razor and blades” model. Their basic equipment is very affordable, but the prices of consumable supplies provoke ire. Fortunately, you can buy cheaper ink from independent shops with free shipping and quality guarantees. Follow our tips to start saving on ink in 2022.

    Impressive Savings 

    Smart Ink’s Canon 580 ink cartridge replacement costs £26.99. Compare this to the original standard pack for £56.49! Considering the difference in volume (XXL yield is 300% bigger for most pigments), you can save over £100 with every purchase. 

    Compatible Cartridges vs. Original

    Cheaper cartridges match the same printer models but come from independent brands. They emulate original supplies in terms of performance and appearance. Yet, subtle design differences make compatible items legal. They are not regarded as counterfeit.

    Independent brands compete on price, but the quality is also comparable. Reputable shops guarantee compliance with internationally recognized standards. A compatible cartridge may be manufactured according to ISO, CE, Reach, or STMC.

    Are These Cartridges Safe?

    Consumers may use any supplies they like. The UK legislation prohibits anti-competitive terms, so compatible cartridges do not void printer warranties. They require the same installation precautions as original products. 

    Like any thriving industry, the market of compatible ink has its stars and bad apples. To avoid substandard quality, research suppliers in advance. Top-rated shops sell excellent products, but you need some due diligence to find them (see below). 

    How to Choose a Shop

    Steer clear of shady companies. Reliable suppliers have transparent policies and 24/7 support. Aside from their rating on Trustpilot, pay attention to the following benefits:

    • Certified quality;
    • Updated cartridge chips;
    • Extended warranty (2 years);
    • Testing before shipping;
    • Ink level tracking (in some models);
    • Free shipping;
    • Multi-layer packaging, etc.

    The Best Alternative to Refilling

    Refilling is still feasible, but it is risky and inconvenient. If you follow DIY tutorials, you may end up spoiling your cartridges or printer. Improper techniques may result in leaks, clogging, poor print quality, or even permanent damage. Today, there is a much better solution for eco-conscious customers — remanufacturing.

    Independent companies (often, the same firms that sell compatible supplies) collect OEM cartridges after use and refurbish them. This includes cleaning, reconditioning, and thorough testing to ensure exceptional performance. These cartridges work like new, but they reduce the amount of waste and pollution caused by manufacturing. In terms of value, your savings could also be substantial. 

    To Sum Up

    Whether to choose compatible or remanufactured products is up to you. Compare your options and savings over the course of a year. Opt for a well-established brand with excellent feedback from UK customers.



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