The Tasks B2B Experts Think You Should Outsource

    Trying to keep every task in-house is nearly impossible – even the biggest brands like Google and Amazon outsource some tasks to companies that have the expertise. Outsourcing tasks like marketing, customer loyalty, and lead generation are three big areas experts think you should focus on in 2022 – leaving you to focus on the in-house operations that demand your attention. 

    Below, we’ll explore those three in detail and look at how you can outsource them to gain maximum benefit.

    B2B Marketing 

    B2B marketing has always been at the top of the list for outsourcing as it is with B2B companies. Some bigger brands, like Mercedes, for example, have a dedicated in-house marketing team that works for them. But for the average brand, it’s far easier to outsource. Only 38% of B2B brands have an in-house marketing team whereas 56% outsource marketing and have an in-house team. Only 6% outsource it entirely.

    The benefits of having both would be more control over marketing campaigns, with 76% of brands feeling like they have a clear marketing plan that works for them. Plus, marketing methods like social media are easy to maintain in-house; it’s the more complex tactics like SEO that teams tend to outsource. 

    B2B Customer Loyalty

    Some B2B brands tend to focus more on lead generation, but statistics show that third thirds of future business sales will come from loyal customers, and you can see up to a 90% increase in sales if you retain loyal customers. But it’s not always as easy as offering a great product and service – B2B buyers want more.

    That’s where B2B rewards programs come into play, like the incentive platform offered by Incentive Smart. Outsourcing loyalty programs to a third party help to track buying habits better, control rewards to suit the buyer, and promote better buyer-to-business working relationships. 

    Personalization to these programs is a priority – 33% of buyers will stop working with a company if they feel it lacks personalization. And, considering 4 out of 5 companies agree it’s cheaper to retain a customer than it is to onboard a new one, it’s worth collaborating with a company like Incentive Smart to gain that all-important loyalty. 

    B2B Lead Generation

    Even though it’s cheaper to retain a loyal customer than to onboard a new one, lead generation is still essential because you can’t have a dedicated customer without first acquiring a new one. An e-book by found that 40 to 60% of buyers abandon the onboarding process because it didn’t meet their expectations, lacked personalization, and failed to meet their needs. 

    Outsourcing the onboarding process leaves the finer details to the experts who have the time to explore the company, discover their wants and needs, and feed the relevant and useful information back to the seller. Most companies that handle outsourced onboarding use artificial intelligence technology to get targeted results.

    There are multiple other tasks a B2B brand can outsource, like financial management and investments, HR, and events management. Most companies that outsource processes think it reduces costs, frees up time, and betters business processes. What tasks do you feel you need to outsource?



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