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My Sincerest Apologies vs. Apology


We’re here to help you apologize correctly. The terms “my sincerest apologies” and “my sincerest apology” are two common phrases. Which one is correct?

  • Both my apology and my apologies are correct, but they function differently.
  • My apology refers to a specific apology that you made or will make.
  • My apologies expresses that you’re sorry for something that you did. It can be used in place of I apologize or I’m sorry.
  • My apologies is used like my condolences
  • Apology is a noun and has three possible meanings.

It’s important to use the right phrase when you apologize, so the other person understands your intent. So, we’ll explain the difference between my apology and my apologies and give you examples of how to use both of them.

Graphic illustrating the difference between my apologies and my apology.  Both my apology and my apologies are correct, but they function differently.

My apology refers to a specific apology that you made or will make. My apologies expresses that you’re sorry for something that you did. It can be used in place of I apologize or I’m sorry.

My Apologies

We’ve already shared that both my apologies and my apology are correct. If you want to say you’re sorry, then say my apologiesThis phrase is actually short for “please accept my apologies.” So, you can use it in place of I’m sorry, or I apologize. Another option is simply to say “apologies.” This is similar to saying “sorry.” But, it’s important to know that only using one word to apologize is considered less formal and even less genuine than saying the full phrases. 

My Apology

So, when do you use the term my apology? This is correct if you are referring to a specific apology that you have already made or will make. My apology expresses ownership. It is a reference to an apology.

My apology can also become her apologyhis apology, our apology, etc. 

Haley sent her apologies for not going to the party.

Please accept his apologies. He did not mean to hit your mailbox.

What about Sincere Apologies?

Another option is to use my sincere/sincerest apologies in place of I’m sorry or forgive meMy apologies and my sincere apologies are considered more formal than just saying I’m sorry.

It may be helpful to see how my sincere apologies is used in a sentence:

He sent his sincere apologies for forgetting to mail the letter.

Please accept my sincerest apologies for my anger outburst last night.

I extend my sincere apologies for failing to cancel your reservation.

The organization deeply regrets its error and offers its sincere apologies.

Using Apology in a Sentence

Here are some helpful examples of using apology in a sentence:

I think that you owe me an apology.

Why won’t you accept my apology?

Don’t wait to send your apology.

I felt better after I sent my apology.

Her apology did not seem sincere.

Apology is a noun that has three potential meanings:

  1. A poor-quality example of something
  2. Acknowledge a regret
  3. Refer to a justification

A sincere apology helps resolve a difficult situation.

The bag of candy from the vending machine was an apology for a meal.

That ridiculous apology for a phone wouldn’t make a call if you paid it.

Her email was nothing but a faintly disguised apology for begging.

Professional Apologies

Every apology should be sincere and show that you understand the other person’s feelings. You should also openly admit your error and then ask how you can make things better. In addition, you should assure the other person that you’re committed to improving in the future.

Sending Apologies in Email

You can send a sincere apology via email if you follow these steps. First, explain the situation that you’re apologizing for. Second, openly acknowledge the problems that your actions caused. Third, take full responsibility for what happened. Fourth, say that you regret what happened. Fifth, ask the other person for forgiveness. Next, promise that you will do your best not to make the same mistake again. Finally, offer to make it right.

Phrases to use in an Apology Email

  1. I offer my sincere apologies for…
  2. Please allow me to apologize on behalf of our company.
  3. Please accept my apologies for…
  4. I apologize for failing to…
  5. I apologize that I didn’t realize the impact of…
  6. Please allow me to apologize for…
  7. Please accept my formal apology for…

Apology Email Sample 

Dear Raymond,

I want to convey my apologies for taking your parking spot yesterday. It was selfish and inconsiderate. Refusing to move my car when you asked was completely out of line. I can see how you must’ve felt disrespected and angry.  

I deeply apologize and am happy to discuss the issue further if needed. In the future, I promise not to take other people’s assigned parking spots.



The next time you make a mistake, use these tips to make a sincere, heartfelt apology.


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