New Solutions to Prevent Violence at Schools

    Violence cases in schools are becoming more rampant, especially in the post-epidemic era. A recent UNICEF report indicates that approximately 130 million scholars aged thirteen to fifteen experience bullying. 

    This menace presents itself in physical and verbal forms. It leaves immeasurable impacts that could be detrimental to students’ performance personally and damage the institution’s reputation. 

    At the forefront of this new development are the students themselves, who are involved in the violence or bear its immense impacts. As such, it makes sense that you take the first steps towards building a violent-free institution where everyone is mindful of their peers and maintains mutual respect. 

    So, how do you achieve this? The following practices will come in handy:

    Take Responsibility

    The first step to fixing the violence issue in school and preventing future occurrences is to acknowledge that we (youth) are the primary contributors and victims at the same time and should take responsibility for the same.

    Everyone should begin paying attention to what they do and say and how they affect their colleagues. Speak up for your bullied schoolmates and against any form of bullying. You can also contribute to the solution in the following ways:

    • Being the supportive colleague
    • Maintaining respect during disagreements
    • Always including all peers in group activities
    • Being aware of the thin line that distinguishes friendly testing from bullying

    Be sure to speak with a trusted adult whenever you feel too angry or find it hard to control your emotions.

    Use Social Media

    Arguably the most revolutionary tool in the modern world, social media offers everyone the opportunity to create awareness, speak to leaders, and facilitate change. If violence and bullying are menaces in your learning institution, you can highlight the problem and demand change from the relevant leaders.

    Don’t feel insignificant. The events’ alarming nature could spark traction and magnify your campaign, so don’t hesitate to make the first step.

    You can structure the campaign with peers and use a theme, hashtag, image, or video. Sometimes you must demand real change, not just wait for it. This may require much of your time, and you need sufficient time for the campaign and handling your coursework. Fortunately, you can request reputable online essay writers to handle your assignments, so you can have adequate time to plan and execute the campaign. 

    Suggest The Deployment of Physical Security Measures 

    More robust security measures can significantly reduce violence in learning institutions. So when you get the opportunity, recommend adopting solutions like security software, CCTV cameras, or weapon detectors.

    Areas near entryways and exits, hallways, and the lecture hall should be fitted with surveillance cameras for the relevant teams to monitor any dangerous situations constantly. You should also regulate building access via robust security systems.

    You also need guards to look out for suspicious behavior and identify dangerous individuals. Metal detectors come through if your institution has experienced gang violence or weapon-related cases.

    Identify At-Risk Students to Be Counseled

    Profiling and monitoring those at risk can significantly reduce violence, but it must be done correctly. By identifying potential victims in advance, you’ll easily steer them in a new direction. Student leaders are the most suitable individuals to handle this task, but you can also aid these activities.

    A counselor with mental health experience may be necessary for some instances. They can hold fruitful discussions with potentially violent students, give them the required attention and support them where possible. This can significantly reduce the risk of dangerous situations as they’ll have more self-control.

    Notably, profiling colleagues based on their violence potential could cause stigma. So you must handle each step with the deserved sensitivity.

    Take Part in Co-Curricular Activities or Join an Organization

    Check whether any clubs in your intuition share the same objective of a violent-free school, then work with them. It may be a club that supports violence-prone scholars through aggression-releasing activities like sparring or boxing. If you find one, you can set the example by joining the movement and promoting increased membership.

    You can also check out similar community initiatives that focus on attaining peaceful learning institutions and link them with your institution. Of course, you must involve and seek consent from your institution’s administration.  

    Besides being the greatest perpetrators of violence in learning institutions, students themselves also suffer the heaviest burden of such activities. That’s why you must always be at the forefront of remediating the situation. 

    While institutions may have varying approaches to this common problem, the above tips are the most effective for peace-focused students.


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