How to Prepare for a Work Video Chat

    Being ready for your video conferencing meeting is important for it to pass efficiently. Let’s consider tips on how to look professional during working video calls.


    The COVID-19 pandemic has changed different spheres of peoples’ lives. One of the examples is a transition to remote working. On the one hand, it is beneficial to stay and work at home. You should not spend time and money on the road, look for a place for lunch, or waste time during traffic jams.

    Remote work became possible due to the utilization of video conferencing platforms. Previously, sites like Coomeet and others enabled users to just chat with each other. A large number of boys and girls on video chat were waiting to meet online and talk about interesting topics. But now video calls are used for working goals as well.

    Many employees were hard to get used to such changes. There is no doubt that it is complicated to stick to a white-collar approach while staying at home on a comfortable couch. But what to do in order not to disgrace yourself in the eyes of your employer. There is no necessity to start worrying since we gathered useful tips on how to make a video look professional.

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    Set Good Lighting

    Even if you do not have time for makeup or your hair is shabby a little, this is not obligatory to get into the shadows. Showing your face is necessary during working video calls. Before the beginning of a video chat, make sure everything is good with the lighting in your working space. Remember that with good lighting you will look like a real professional. If your desk is far from your window, it is recommended to move it closer to a bright place. If you neglect this step, your employer and other colleagues will see your silhouette only.

    Aside from sitting near the window, there are many other methods for improving your lighting. For example, you can think of getting a better setup. Purchasing a web camera with a bigger lens can be the best solution. It will have the opportunity to catch more light and as a result, produce a much lighter image.

    If you consider this is not enough, you can buy a ring light. This will help to create better lighting for sure. Ring lights are easy-to-use and cost-affordable prices. Despite their rates, ring lights can do miracles for your look.

    Be Punctual

    If you plan to have a girls’ video chat, nothing bad will happen if you are a bit late. Your friends can wait for you for some time. Another situation is with working video chatting. In this case, you should connect to an online call timely. All employers value workers’ punctuality. It enables you to show your professionalism and differ from other potential competitors.

    Punctuality is a must-have skill during remote working as well. There is no doubt that different household duties such as washing the dishes, assisting children with homework assignments, etc. can distract you from important video meetings. Also, you may take a nap by chance and miss an online call.

    Still, we do not recommend you to get into such a situation. Just imagine how awkwardly this will look like if a presentation has been showing for ten minutes and you suddenly join a chat. There is a way out for those who get used to running late for a video call. Scheduling platforms are the best way to keep in mind all the planned online meetings and join them on time.

    Get Professionally Dressed

    No matter how close to your employer and colleagues you are, you should not forget about proper dressing. If you join an online business call in your pajamas, you can cause not only a laugh but anger as well. You hardly find at least one person who would like to see you this. Nobody expects you to wear according to the latest fashion trends. Also, there is no need to go purchase a new suit or run to clean your old suit.

    Do you want to know how to look good on a video call? Putting on decent clothes will be pretty enough. Make sure there is no defiant print on your T-shirts. Likewise, it is advisable to avoid clothes of bright colors. The reason is that they can distract either your employer or colleagues.

    If you know you are going to have a business call, make sure your required clothes are clean and are not crumpled. Otherwise, you can appear on a video conference in a ridiculous state by wearing improper dressing.

    Stay Attentive

    Why is eye contact important during a business call? Just put yourself in the place of a speaker. How would you feel, if everybody looks in another direction and is distracted by different unimportant things? You will surely have an idea that nobody listens to you.

    For this reason, during an online meeting, you should look directly at the camera. Just imagine as if your camera is the face of your interlocutor. In order to conduct a complete professional business meeting, maintain eye contact and pay attention to everything your interlocutor says. Do not obsess over yourself by verifying all the time how you look on the screen.

    Check your Camera and Microphone

    Here are some additional things to remember. No free online video chat can be conducted without a working camera and microphone. Both your employer, colleagues, and business partners should see and hear you well during an online call. It can happen that your camera is not simply dirty but broken. For this reason, you should replace it as soon as possible. In order not to cancel a business meeting because of your not working camera and microphone, check the condition of these tools in advance.

    Even a standard headset and built-in camera of your computer or laptop can fall out of order. Thus, one of the necessary steps of being prepared for an online call is to verify all tech vitals.


    No matter if you are a freelancer or a full-time employee of a huge organization, there is a need to stick to business etiquette. Looking professional during every video meeting is necessary despite remote working. In order to achieve the desired look, it is not obligatory to purchase expensive clothes, make a great hairdo, purchase equipment for cosmic sums of money, etc.

    The already discussed methods will be handy for you to prepare for a video meeting. They do not require much time and effort and the results are worth it. Just imagine everything you do online as if you do it in real life.

    Remote working surely has its advantages. Nevertheless, despite performing your business duties from a home office, does not mean you should forget about staying professional and ready for video calls. Show your employer that no matter the changes in place of work, you are still a valuable employee and a real professional in your field. Keep in mind that effective virtual business meetings start with effective preparation.


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