TOP 5 Virtual Data Room Software for Windows

    A virtual data room’s ability to integrate with other apps and operating systems should be a fundamental requirement when you are choosing data room software for your business.

    Talking about compatibility, it is important for virtual data room providers to offer solutions that are compatible with Windows as one of the most popular operating systems in the world. Small businesses, corporations, enterprises, and government agencies use Windows one way or another.

    Therefore, it is obvious that virtual data room services must be integrable with Windows if they want to attract customers in numbers. But the question is, how would you know if a virtual data room is compatible with Windows or not? 

    Well, one way to find out is to visit the websites of different virtual data room providers — or read our guide to get all the answers in one place. Let’s help you discover some of the best virtual data rooms for Windows.

    5 Virtual Data Rooms for Windows

    Here is a list of some of the best VDRs that offer compatibility with multiple operating systems, including Windows.

    1. Intralinks

    Intralinks is one of the highly regarded names in the virtual data room industry for different reasons. If we talk about specialty, Intralinks virtual data rooms are highly suitable for small and large-scale businesses, making it a resourceful option for hundreds and thousands of organizations worldwide. Mergers and acquisitions are one of the biggest use cases of Intralinks VDRs.

    When it comes to user interface, Intralinks doesn’t have many competitors. Anyone with basic tech knowledge can figure out how to operate these VDRs.

    Speaking of some notable features of Intralinks VDR, these include bulk drag-n-drop, digital watermarking, auto-indexing, detailed data room audit reports, etc. 

    The company offers a free 30-day trial and is available in multiple languages, including French, English, and German. Intralinks VDRs are compatible with Windows, Mac, and iOS.

    2. Ansarada

    Ansarada is a great option for independent professionals such as freelancers. However, that doesn’t mean businesses shouldn’t consider it as a solid option too.

    In fact, Ansarada is a reliable choice for businesses of all sizes because of its amazing features such as digital watermarking, multi-factor authentication, collaboration tools, access restrictions, security time outs, single sign-on, detailed audit logs, MS and PDF files locking system, and whatnot.

    Furthermore, Ansarada is an AI-based electronic data room, making it a highly desired option for sensitive data-oriented transactions such as M&As, IPOs, etc. Best of all, you can integrate Ansarada VDRs with Google Drive and Dropbox.

    Ansarada is compatible with Mac and Windows and is available in the English language only.

    3. iDeals

    iDeals virtual data rooms are one of the best business solutions available in the market. As a matter of fact, iDeals pioneered the virtual data room industry and has been serving businesses from different sectors since 2008. The company is highly rated by all the major VDR review websites, including G2 and Capterra.

    iDeals VDR solution is often termed as an “all-in-one” option because it has all the basic to advanced features that can cater to the needs of businesses of all sizes and types.

    Although iDeals solutions have all the advanced features such as bulk drag-n-drop, audit logs, multi-factor authentication, access restrictions, and document permissions, it is their Q&A section that makes collaboration and communication seamless. This is the reason iDeals VDRs are highly used in M&As, law firms, real estate, investment banking, and the financial sector.

    iDeals takes pride in its customer support service, which VDR industry experts run. The company strictly considers clients’ feedback and uses it to improve its service.

    iDeals offers a 30-day free trial, supports 25 file formats, is available in 14 languages and compatible with Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android.

    4. Google Workspace

    Google Workspace is a data repository and a virtual working space from Google Inc., the global tech giant. 

    Google Workspace provides its users with an array of very handy features, including team messaging, shared calendars, attendance tracking, video and audio conferencing tools, compliance management, noise cancellation, in-domain live streaming, etc.

    What’s fascinating about Google Workspace is its free version and free trials. Google Workspace is available for Windows, iOS, and Android.

    5. Idgard

    As online data room software with a multi-dimensional customer support system, Idgard is a trustworthy name in the VDR industry. Because of its unbeatable security and high customer ratings, Idgard is used in various business sectors, including public administration, management consultancies, IT sector, auditing, taxation, insurance, finance, and healthcare sector.

    Idgard has all the basic and advanced features, including recovery and backup, audit logs, collaboration tools, customized access and permissions, audio files management, document classification and management, retention and archiving, etc.

    Idgard supports Windows, iOS, and Android.

    Final words

    Compatibility with Windows and other common operating systems is a must-do thing for data room providers, especially if they want to target a broader audience. If you are looking for high-quality virtual data rooms that are compatible with Windows, the names mentioned above can make things easier for you.

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