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What Is Business E-Learning

Today, e-learning plays a huge role in the life of all educational institutions, as well as individuals and business companies. In fact, e-learning appeared in the last century and since then its popularity has only increased. Of course, traditional education is still very popular and widespread, but it is gradually giving way to e-education.

At the moment, a fairly large number of companies cannot imagine their functioning without the use of online e-learning platforms. These technologies are very convenient and practical in case of training new employees when they just come to the company or in case of retraining of personnel. Yes, it is not easy to introduce e-learning technology into the workflow, but the benefits that the company will receive in the end will outweigh all the difficulties and bring the efficiency to a new level. This way of learning will help to accelerate the acquisition of knowledge from employees and also faster professional and career growth and even attract new customers.

One of the advantages of e-learning is that it is much more cost-effective than its traditional counterpart. If you are using online learning platforms, then the only aspect that you spend money on is the development and support of these systems. For this, a team of specially trained people is hired to deal with these issues. Of course, paying for their work is not cheap, but in the end it is much more profitable and more efficient than paying for the whole range of aspects of traditional education. You can save on teacher salaries, room rentals and many other items. E-learning will not only save money, but also reduce the time for learning. According to studies, it takes more than 50% less time to master an educational program using e-learning methods than to master a traditional curriculum.

Also, distance education is somewhat more effective than its traditional type. For example, it allows you to easily divide people into groups and send each individual group only the content that it needs. Plus, it is very practical that you can watch courses at the exact time when it is most convenient for employees to do this, which also adds productivity to the educational process. The staff will not need to change plans for the day and drastically adjust to the education program. Each person will simply choose a convenient schedule for himself and allocate time to study the necessary information. Also, when using e-learning platforms for business, employees will study only the material that is useful to them and the data about which they need. This allows you not to spend too much time studying what a person already knows. It is also worth mentioning that electronic content can be as diverse as possible. To maximize the involvement of staff in the educational process, you can add elements of gamification, simulation of dialogues, photo, video and audio content, various quizzes, animation, interactive exercises and many other elements to the courses.

Thanks to all of the above aspects, the employees of a business company are really interested in the process and better assimilate the knowledge gained. Also, technologies for e-learning make it possible to analyze the results of the effectiveness of each individual or group of people. Based on these data, you can adjust the curriculum and make the educational process even more effective.

Another huge plus is that you can watch courses and all the necessary information from any device, be it a phone, tablet or computer. It is also possible to study content anytime, anywhere. For example, if you are on vacation, visiting, on the road or waiting for someone. Moreover, training through electronic platforms allows you to receive feedback from employees. If someone considers the training program too difficult or too uninteresting, he can easily inform the creators of the courses, and they, in turn, are able to quickly make adjustments to the already finished content. The ability to make changes to an already released course is also convenient in cases of obsolescence of some information and in case of changes in the company’s legislation. Another small advantage is that teachers do not have to deal with a huge amount of waste paper. In addition, the use of cloud platforms for e-learning allows you to secure all data and protect them from loss.

Moreover, in the case of using e-learning methods, there is no need to waste time looking for teachers who will come to the office every day. Also, the same content can be used multiple times. For example, if new employees come to work, it is possible to provide them with a course that was created earlier for review.

E-learning for business is now an absolute advantage. It makes the educational process more convenient, efficient and diverse. And if you are thinking about whether it is necessary to introduce such technologies into your company, then the answer, of course, will be positive.


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By Susan Barlow

Dr. Susan Barlow is retired from academia after teaching business administration, project management, and business writing courses for over 20 years.

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