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Is “Kind Regards” Capitalised?

Signing Off An Email 

You’ve got to the end of a brilliantly-written email, ready for the sign off, and stopped dead in your tracks…. is “kind regards” capitalised?

Emails are a normal part of conducting business. They are concise and fast, and they increase productivity/communication. Signing off an email, however, is less than quick and easy. 

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Trying to write an effective sign-off can be daunting. However, there are a few popular ones that many people choose. One of the most popular is “kind regards.” Using this sign-off can confuse some writers because they are left to wonder which word(s) should be capitalised and which shouldn’t. 

Is “Kind Regards” Capitalised? 

Like writing a title, many people like to write it as “Kind Regards.” There isn’t a “true” answer to the capitalisation rules. However, there is a guideline that you should follow. 

With any email sign-off, you should always capitalise the first letter of the phrase. For instance, you would at least write “Kind regards” or even “See you later!” 

People normally don’t think much if you go on to capitalise more than the first letter. However, it is customary to at least capitalise the first. That’s it! There are no other secret rules, and now you can go out and correct sign-off on all your emails! 

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By Ryan Fisher

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