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How To Select The Right Domain Name For Your Writing Agency 

The first step for any business owner who wants to thrive is to create a website with a suitable domain name. Choosing a domain name for your writing agency is one of the most crucial decisions you’ll ever make because what you select will affect your brand’s reputation. But don’t be intimidated, it’s not as daunting as you think. When deciding on a domain name, it’s important to remember to stay true to your brand and make a solid first impression. Here are some viable tips to follow:

  • Browse Around Before Registering

If you’ve decided on the first domain choice, you should check if it’s still available. It would be best to research thoroughly and use reliable tools to help you through various domain alternatives. You should also take your time doing this because it is crucial to your website. Keep in mind that you need one that will work for your business.  

A domain name must make an excellent initial impression. The URL is the first thing visitors see and is also one of the aspects that determine whether or not your visitors remember you. Moreover, bad domain names might be considered suspicious and cause users to leave your website. 

It is also worth noting that including keywords in your domain name can help your website rank higher on search engine results pages (SERPs). A successful domain name helps potential clients locate you, which leads to more excellent business for you as the website owner.  

  • Don’t Use Double Letters And Hyphens

It is common in European countries to encounter websites with hyphens in their domain names. Thus, it’s critical to understand the significance of how to use hyphens and dashes, although they’re usually unnecessary in domain names. Note that incorporating these special characters in domain names makes it more challenging to type, which may lead to poor user experience. Remember that a dissatisfied user will most likely abandon the website and visit another. In addition, you should also avoid using double letters because they’re not just difficult to read, but also increase the likelihood of mistakes.

  • Be Mindful Of How You Choose The Domain Extension

When you see .com, .net, .org, and similar ones at the end of the site name, these are called Top-Level Domain (TLD) extensions. The ones mentioned are some of the most popular extensions. 

If you find that a domain extension is taken, there are other in-demand TLDs you can use for your writing agency website. They have .club, .xyz, .art, and more. Some also allow you to identify what industry your website belongs to, such as .technology or .marketing. 

Furthermore, the use of country-code TLDs is also now an option. Some of the examples are .io for the Indian Ocean and .co for Colombia. Always note that you’d want a domain extension to add credibility to your business website. Once you figure out how to choose the domain extension, you can learn how to register the domain name next.  

  • Keep The Domain Name Short

It’s also vital not to overstuff the domain name with keywords. Your domain name should be brief and straightforward to remember. A short domain name of fewer than 15 characters is recommended. Anything longer may be more difficult for some users to remember once they need to log in. Additionally, longer domain names are more prone to typographical errors, thus preventing your website from getting the traffic it needs.  

  • Keep In Mind How It Will Read

Remember that domain names have no spaces, so it’s crucial to consider how website visitors will read them. Some words, when joined together, will appear awkward to your guests. It would be best if you were wary when thinking of words that might be spelled awkwardly once the end and the first letters join together.  

For instance, legitimate companies use their business names for their website’s domain name. Some examples are Techno IT Scrap (itscrap) or Land of Art (landofart), and similar ones that users might not take seriously or won’t mind.  

You can make a list of potential names and verify their availability. However, it is critical that before registering your selected domain name, it will not go down that same path.  

  • Be Clear, Not Cute

When considering a domain name, it is preferable to be direct rather than cute or humorous. You want potential customers to trust and respect you, which would also mean more business for your writing agency. When considering a domain name, it is preferable to be direct rather than cute or humorous. In addition, you want potential customers to trust and respect you; remember that fancy-sounding names may fall short compared to clear and straightforward ones. Besides, it’s the content of your website that should speak louder than the domain name.  

In Conclusion

Your writing company requires a distinguishing domain name to help it rank highly in search engines. When someone is looking for a writer, your domain name makes it easier for them to locate you. Having a domain name that is easy to read and conveys a sense of professionalism is essential. Keep these pointers mentioned above in mind to keep you from making costly mistakes.

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By Susan Barlow

Dr. Susan Barlow is retired from academia after teaching business administration, project management, and business writing courses for over 20 years.

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