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What Do “Rapping” And “Wrapping” Mean?

Wrap,” and “rap” are some of the trickiest homophones because they sound very similar. However, they have vastly different meanings. These words are so similar that they are often intermixed in the same phrase: “wrapping things up” and “rapping things up.” Do these phrases mean the same thing? 

What Does “Rapping” Mean? 

Rapping” is a term that means “to rap,” as in the style of popular music. Additionally, it can be used to describe quickly striking or hitting something. It doesn’t have anything to the idea of “wrapping things up,” although it can be used in some situations. 

For example, you may be able to find many sources that use “rapping things up” as a pun with reference to the popular style of music. For instance: 

  • Wow, that singer rapped things up! 
  • Way to rap things up like a good musician. 

What Does “Wrapping” Mean? 

When something is being “wrapped,” it can be said to be “covered, swaddled, enveloped, or shrouded.” It originated around the 14th century, from a word that meant “to wind or turn.” In its early usage, a “wrap” was originally a dress for women. 

When used in the phrase “wrapping things up,” the term means “to finish or complete.” To put it shortly, “wrapping things up” is the only correct spelling of the phrase. For instance: 

  • It is time to get going, so we should start wrapping things up. 
  • After wrapping things up, we should be able to start the next job. 

Other Sayings That Use “Wrap” 

In addition to “wrapping things up,” other common sayings use the word “wrap.” Some of the most common include: 

  • Wrap it up: to finish something
  • Wrap it around: to crash a car into something stationary.
  • That’s a wrap!: To acknowledge that something is completed.
  • Keep it under wraps: to keep something inconspicuous.

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