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Can A Paraphrasing Tool Help You Improve Your Writing?

We look at one of the most popular free paraphrasing tools powered by artificial intelligence, Can it actually help us with our everyday business writing tasks? We’ve tried it out, and here is how can help you improve your writing. 

You know what it’s like to write business texts. You need to send a proposal to a client, write a business report, answer a series of emails, or compose notices. A simple task that seems easy when you put it on your to-do list turns into a center of procrastination as you start it. All writers, either professionals or those that write on a daily basis for work (which are most of us), are prone to procrastinate. In fact, there is a great article in the Atlantic that talks about just that (worth a read!)

It’s hard to write when your brain does not want to. So can a paraphrasing AI tool help?

How Can A Paraphrasing Tool Help You In Business Writing? is an AI rewriting tool that does not generate text from scratch for you (although it can in some functions). Rather, it does something just as good – it just encourages you to get started (which often is the hardest part!). 

Getting started with is a web-based AI writing assistant tool. This boils down to the fact that it requires no downloading; just have a device with an internet connection, and you can use the tool for free.Once you access the tool, you will see a bundle of writing help tools that include: Paraphraser, Essay Generator, Grammar Check, Plagiarism Check, and Text Summarizer. 

All you have to do is type the text into the specific tool you want to use and provide some instructions, and you’ll get instant feedback. At times, you might find the feedback less than perfect, but it will help you think outside the box and give a kickstart to that project you have been putting off forever.

What Can It Do?

Here are some of the ways paraphrasing AI can help.

Generate Killer Email Subject Lines

The subject line of an email is the first thing the recipient sees. So it must be catchy enough to grab the reader’s attention at first glance. can paraphrase existing material, but it also generates killer titles for you. This unique feature automatically generates the relevant titles after it understands the entered text. You can use this feature to compose your email subject lines if you are afraid of coming off badly yourself or if you simply feel blank. To test the effectiveness of this feature, we took a random email from a source, pasted it into the input field, and rephrased it. Besides rephrasing, it generates the most relevant and accurate subject line (title) for your email, which we found very useful.

Different Paraphrasing Modes To Set The Right Tone 

Often in business writing, our goal is to win new projects and clients. Needless to say, your communication needs to be professional-looking and engaging, be it a proposal, report, or email. This is the lifeblood of any business strategy.You can use different paraphrasing modes to find the right tone that suits well with your business language. For example, you can improve the fluency and readability of your own paper by using its Text Improver Mode. 

Similarly, you can use other paraphrasing modes according to your business writing needs. 

Keep Your Business Papers Free Of Plagiarism 

We are all guilty of this at times. Often, without even noticing, we pop in a phrase that sounds great, not realizing that it comes straight from that Business Insider article we read on the ride over to work this morning.’s top-of-the-line Plagiarism Remover Mode reformulates your paper by making sufficient changes to ensure plagiarism-free text.

Remove Those Stale, Cookie-Cutter Words And Phrases

There are only so many ways you can write (and be on the receiving end!) of the same old stale expression or word that lost its meaning from overuse.’s paraphraser allows you to find new ways to express the same idea, avoiding the same old ways to express yourself. The different paraphrasing modes and the dropdown thesaurus for synonyms and definitions will help you bring more clarity to your texts while avoiding unimaginative oversights. 

Is worth it? 

If you are looking for a tool that will give your business texts a fresh and professional look and do the hard work for you, is a good idea. 

This AI-powered writing assistant tool will not only help you banish procrastination but also push beyond your usual writing style. Moreover, will save you time and brain power while improving your writing skills.

The Future Of Paraphrasing AI

According to Hilde van Zeeland, who is the chief applied linguist at Writefull (a company offering AI-based language editing, part of London-based Digital Science), AI tools are already powerful enough to significantly improve structure and sentence flow. More importantly – by definition, the AI will learn and continue to improve. 

Now, perhaps you are in the camp of folks who look at AI in general with suspicion (you are not alone! Have a look at this fascinating and somewhat scary video of Must discussing AI). However, for the time being, we are still in control, so why not let it improve your writing? 





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By Susan Barlow

Dr. Susan Barlow is retired from academia after teaching business administration, project management, and business writing courses for over 20 years.

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