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How To Level Up Your Company’s Copywriting

Copy is the lifeblood of your business’ marketing heart. It is everywhere around your company, in your email marketing, social media channels, and website pages. It is most likely that you are a business that lives and dies on the leads and sales game – your business, just like every other in the industry, needs a healthy flow of customers that come, stay and go. 

There are not many things that can help generate business and customers for a company that has a strong copy. Whether that is the way you have written advertising copy, the landing page content, or an email newsletter, it can all generate leads that can be converted into cold, hard cash. This is the same reason why $616 billion is being spent on the digital marketing industry globally – companies know that the way they are presented online through their copy and content is the difference maker in whether they stay alive or crumble. 

When a potential customer finds out how to clear all bing history and browse the web for a solution to a pain point, your company’s copywriting could be the difference maker in whether you win their business or not. Therefore, it is crucial to understand the many ways you can level up your company’s copy and boost your business profits.

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Know Who & Why You Are Writing For

The best deals are made when a need or pain point is identified and a correct remedy is presented well in front of it. The very best copywriters will put together persuasive text around why their business’ product, service, or solution can be the perfect ailment, but this can only be done by having the right customer persona. 

A customer persona is a definition of who your business is targeting, and can usually consist of several types of customers who could do business with your company. Using available data and research from your business, you should be able to compile a background of who is typically closing deals with your organization – once you know this, you can tailor the copy to fit this customer’s needs, desires, and pain points all at once.

Create a Sense of Urgency

Every action you have as a marketer has to have a narrative and a call to action behind it. When creating copy for your business, you need to utilize a sense of urgency behind the narrative. When you write ‘sleepy’ and slow copy, the reader will lose interest in whatever you are trying to convey. Opening the content and copy with a strong sense of urgency will you keep your reader engaged. 

By keeping your customer or lead interested in your copy, you heighten the chances of using that urgency to lead to a potential purchase or deal with your company, therefore boosting your business’ revenue through urgent and attention-grabbing copy. 

Stick to the Facts

When you are writing the copy for your company’s marketing campaigns, you are often putting copy together that fits various mediums and platforms. Whether it is a social media post or a billboard in Time Square, you need to come up with something that can convince people and be real, not something that is fake. 

You have to ask yourself, which hits harder: 

  • “Apples are a great fruit to eat today.” 
  • “An apple can boost your energy and vitality when eaten or consumed in a smoothie.” 

The obvious takeaway from this is that the copy that is backed with a fact and declared as a statement has a much stronger impact. It is simple – it creates so much more trust with the reader than an ambiguous piece of copy that seems like it is based on opinion rather than evidence. Facts, data, analysis, and evidence should be at the cornerstone of your business marketing copy, as it is much more convincing to a potential customer as it is verifiable and real. 

You should without question be cautious, as companies that have used false facts or out-of-date evidence can often end up with an egg on their face and look rather silly with their copy, which can damage a business rather than elevate it.

SEO Should Come First

Most companies around the world will find that a huge portion of their marketing is becoming digital rather than real-life campaigns. PPC, SEO, content marketing and more are becoming the forefront of where you can generate business and leads, and old-school advertisements and TV commercials are where you maintain a brand. 

When you are creating content online, it is of high priority that you keep Google in mind. The famous search engine values organic and high-quality copy, something that will resonate with the potential audience and readers. When you are putting together copy for your business, you need to identify multiple aspects, which include keywords being naturally occurring, finding out what your customer persona searches for on Google, and creating a strong linking platform from your copy to other internal website pages. 

By having your copy SEO-optimized, you can boost your business on the Google rankings and find that more business will come your way because of this. 


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By Susan Barlow

Dr. Susan Barlow is retired from academia after teaching business administration, project management, and business writing courses for over 20 years.

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