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Sign Language

I recently led a Better Business Writing class for a well-respected company in one of its large training rooms. The room had two doors, one at either end. Each door had a sign next to it. I believe the signs were saying the same thing,… continue reading

Entitled or Titled?

On Monday I led seminars for the communications group of a huge company. When I asked this sophisticated audience to find errors in sentences, they identified an error I did not intend. Here is the sentence: She was quoting from a white paper entitled "Avoiding… continue reading

Great Resources on FAQ

If you write frequently asked questions (FAQ), check out these excellent resources from E-WRITE: Frequently Asked Questions Style GuideE-WRITE wrote this style guide for the Energy Information Administration of the U.S. Government. Even if you don't write FAQs, it is a good example of a… continue reading

What’s Up With Email Slogans and Sayings?

Yesterday in a writing seminar I asked the group of 10 participants how many of them liked philosophical sayings or quotations at the end of an email. Here is the result: Percentage who like sayings and quotations in email: 0% It was a friendly group… continue reading

Make It Easy for Customers to Behave

I am taking a cross-country plane trip tonight, and this morning two companies helped me do that more easily: Alaska Airlines and National Car rental. When I checked my email this morning, both of them had sent messages to make my travel easier. Alaska wrote… continue reading

Celebrating Emoticons–No, Not Me

I admit it here for anyone to read: I am not a fan of emoticons. You will not catch me using a 🙂 or a 😉 or a (:0) . Except for the sentence I just typed, I will never make you turn your head… continue reading