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Can You End a Sentence With a Preposition?

Let’s discuss the main question of the day: is it allowed to end sentences with prepositions?  Most sources say you shouldn’t. However, there may be some situations in which it is acceptable or even the best option. Like with most other English grammar rules, the… continue reading

What is the Correct Way to Use a Hyphen?

When used correctly, hyphens can act as powerful writing tools to join words together, link ideas, or simply enhance the flow of your sentences. That said, they can be quite tricky, so it is important to know some basic rules when using them.  Let’s look… continue reading

Spelled or Spelt: What’s the Right Spelling?

Don’t be fooled by thinking one of these words is a spelling mistake. Interestingly enough, spelled and spelt are two spellings of the same word. They act as the past tense form of the verb spell. Although both are correct, they have a dialect bias… continue reading

Thru or Through: Are Both Acceptable?

You may have seen through and thru be used almost interchangeably in your daily life. Perhaps you have seen thru used on a road sign, but through used in a written media. Are both acceptable? Is there a difference? Let’s figure out if its thru… continue reading

Do Lier and Liar Mean the Same Thing?

In English, homophones can be some of the most difficult word pairings. They are particularly difficult in the case of liar vs. lier, as they both sound the same and are spelled similarly. So, is this confusion warranted? Do these words mean different things? To… continue reading