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Are Email Addresses Case Sensitive?

Suppose someone writes down their email address for you, and they have capitalized some of the letters within it. In such an instance, you might wonder to yourself:” Are email addresses case sensitive?” The simple answer is: no. Email addresses are not case-sensitive, so you can enter all… continue reading

How to Counter a Salary Offer (With Examples)

When you apply for a job you’re enthusiastic about, your excitement may deflate when the company offers a lower salary than you expect. Now you find yourself in an uncomfortable situation, trying to decide whether to accept the low-ball offer because the job interests you… continue reading

How to Write an Etsy Listing

How to Write an Etsy Listing When shopping on Etsy, your buyers are inundated with waves of artistically beautiful products. There’s stiff competition on listings, so you’ll want an edge when you write your Etsy listing product descriptions. An Etsy listing that stands out may… continue reading