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All About the Noun: from the Common to Beyond

Nouns are the most common parts of speech you will encounter in your writing; however, many people need help identifying these vital pieces of sentence structure. They are a foundation for strong and grammatically correct sentences because nouns function as subjects and serve other important… continue reading

Etiquette Guide for Appointment Setting

Setting appointments is an important part of many business processes, such as cold calling in sales. Although the process has changed as businesses adopted more advanced technology and streamlined operations, the foundation of appointment-setting etiquette remains roughly the same. However, there is no comprehensive guide… continue reading

Are Email Addresses Case Sensitive?

Suppose someone writes down their email address for you, and they have capitalized some of the letters within it. In such an instance, you might wonder to yourself:” Are email addresses case sensitive?” The simple answer is: no. Email addresses are not case-sensitive, so you can enter all… continue reading