1. 4th of July and not July 4th because there was a notation on the original document and the date was written “4th of July”

    Wendee Gabel

  2. Cathy, you got it! The rule for writing dates in business is that month-day dates use the cardinal number (1, 2, 3). As you note, day-month dates are fine with ordinal numbers, such as the 4th of July.

    Many people outside the U.S. use cardinal numbers before the month, as in 4 July.

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  3. July 4 is not owning anything july 4, 2014 the ” of ” july indicating it iscontained in- identifying one of the days of july. July 4 is the correct date. July is a noun .july can not be used as an adjective 4 th is ordinal number. And july is a noun and cant be used as adjective because it dies notmean snything

  4. You have been so kind to answer my questions regarding proper grammar in the past. Now I have another one.

    I hear more often now “so fun.” It sounds awful to me. Even heard Laura Bush use it before, and I was surprised. I looked it up and it was not correct. I always say “it was so much fun.” Why do people go along with the masses??
    Thank you.

  5. Hi, Sandra. Like you, I prefer “so much fun.”

    But “so fun” is correct. “Fun” can be used as an adjective. Compare these examples:

    –It was delightful.
    –It was boring.
    –It was wonderful.
    –It was fun.

    Just as we can say “so delightful,” “so boring,” and “so wonderful,” we can say “so fun.”

    I hope my answer is helpful.



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