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January 07, 2020


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Dear Lynn,

Thank you very much for this post. It comes just in time because I already postponed several times to write down if and how I have fulfilled my goals of the last year.
Usually it starts in November to provide a first status update but as I also "have to" ask for a salary review I was not sure how to express.

I am a woman and the last salary review has been in year 2015. Every (male) colleague is asking every year for a review but I do not only have problems to promote myself but also to talk about money (especially because we are in Europe still be paid extremely well).

Please excuse my terrible English.


Thank you for the extremely helpful article.

Business Writing Blog

My, thank you for your comment. I have added one more blog post to the list at the bottom of the article. It's "Writing Your Year-End Review." I think this post will give you even more ideas.

Being paid well in Europe is no reason not to have an annual salary increase. I imagine the cost of living is increasing, and your job responsibilities are growing. If the men ask for--and get--a salary review every year, you should do the same.

Good luck!


Business Writing Blog

Tamara, thanks for letting me know. I appreciate hearing from you.


Patty Rechberger

Hi Lynn,

Another great post, thank you! This was close to home.

I used to struggle to share my accomplishments, and never even really celebrated much (including my college graduation). Several years ago, I ran a marathon with a friend. We both got finisher medals. I got home and stuck my medal in a drawer and never mentioned it again. My friend wore her medal every single day, for months, everywhere she went - to work, to dinner, to the store, it didn't matter. She spoke of it frequently and to everyone within ear's reach. One day, a common friend approached me, surprised and excited that I had ran a marathon. He had no idea I had done it and found out through my running friend.

Here is the thing I learned: when a friend shares their accomplishments with you, doesn't it make you feel good? Don't you cherish it and wish to celebrate with them? When we choose not to share, we are basically "robbing" our friends the opportunity to share in the joy, to learn from us, to expand their world. That is my new approach anyway, and let me tell you, I do feel happier about it.

I hope this helps those who still struggle to brag.

P.S. My, I strongly encourage you to follow the men in your company, and start getting raises yearly. There is absolutely no reason not to. Good luck!

Business Writing Blog

Hi Patty,

Thank you for such an instructive story. I am happy that you learned from your experience and have taken the time to share it with readers here.

The conversation starter I most often use is "What's new and exciting?" It gives people an opportunity to share something they are excited about. It also allows me to easily follow up with a "brag."

Congratulations on the marathon! What an achievement.


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