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Best Business Writing Book

Despite its off-putting title, Why Business People Speak Like Idiots: A Bullfighter’s Guide  is the best book on business writing of this century. I’m not exaggerating. While other good books on business writing focus carefully on the message, the audience, and the right methods, this… continue reading

Introducing “Thought Showers”

I’m pleased to introduce the term "thought shower," created in Belfast, Northern Ireland, to replace the potentially offensive expression "brainstorming." According to Henry McDonald, Ireland editor of The Observer, the staff at the Department of Enterprise, Trade and Investment, in Belfast, found the word "brainstorming"… continue reading

Define Your Terms, Please

Here’s what happened to me yesterday. I was enjoying an excellent book on giving PowerPoint presentations when I came upon a term I wasn’t familiar with: wipes. I checked the book for a glossary—none existed. So I checked the index for wipes and found the… continue reading

Writer’s Block? Be Awestruck.

One great way to break through writer’s block is to stop trying to write, and instead do something completely different. Take the focus off yourself. Be awestruck. I recommend a visit to the photo blog of my web designer, Diane Varner. Depending on all their… continue reading

Delete the Throat Clearing

When I started yesterday’s post, I dithered around for a while, typing in a few pompous sentences about the importance of ground rules. After a couple of minutes, I found my subject and got comfortably into it. Once there, I cut those first dull comments.… continue reading

Ground Rules for a Good Blog

Entering this new territory, I’m setting some rules to help me write honestly and well. Why? So I get personal and professional satisfaction, and readers get worthwhile information that’s a pleasure to read. Rule 1: Write only when I have something to share about business… continue reading