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February 10, 2006


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Thanks your website helped me a lot.

proofreading prices

Since I am often on trips, I found your sample auto-reply very appropriate.

I am keeping it on file to refer to and modify as needed.

Nauman Ali Khan

wow its great and your smile is great i love it thanks alot.


thankyou so much .
you example help me a lot.


r u able to giide me for letter writing?

Business Writing Blog

Hi, Kanchan. Read through this blog, and you will find much guidance. Also click on the links on the left. They will also help you.

If you have not already subscribed to my newsletter, "Better Writing at Work," do subscribe at http://syntaxtraining.com/signup.html. It's free.

Good luck!



thank you!

ravi kant

thank you so much...


thnx a lot it helped me


Thank u..Lynn..It's very useful!


really great efforts, i was looking for more automated reply templates and yes this out of office automated reply is a good start for my requirements.


Thank You Lynn for the informative post! I am always away from my office So I was searching for formal email.


Thanks for keeping it straigt forward and simple. Fits exactly to what i am looking for. Thanks very much!

Business Writing Blog

I appreciate all these thank-yous. I am glad to have been helpful to you.


Doan Ngan

I'd like to write an auto reply for any email received. Can you help me?

Business Writing Blog

If you write one, Doan, I will comment on it.


Epic Magazine

Thanks alot lynn :D I was having no idea on creating one until i read those examples of yours. Thanks alot :D


Thank you very much .. :)

Girish V aryan

Dear Lynn, thanks for your information. i would like to know even for resignation of the job. could help me out !!!!

Business Writing Blog

Hello, Girish. I believe this post will be helpful:



Finally, I found this! I've been wondering why I couldn't leave some sort of default message when I'm on vacation or something. I usually print out a message and put it on my office door, but now I don't need to :]

Business Writing Blog

Desiree, that's progress! I am glad to have been helpful.



Hi Lynn - I wonder if it is appropriate to not say when you will be back, i.e. if one is on 'indefinite leave'? How would you word it?

Business Writing Blog

Hello, Aspergiana. You might try sentences like these:

"I am away from the office for an indefinite period of time."


"I do not know when I will return."

Be sure to include the names of other people who can be helpful in your absence.



hi lynn.. could you help me with a format on autoreply messages for customer queries, with a manual attatched along with it regarding the product. this is in connection with my assignment for biz comm.

Business Writing Blog

Hi, Sanaa. I hope you have finished your assignment by now and that you learned something good from it.


Safan Patel

Hi lynn, Hope you doing well! could you please help me with a format on autoreply messages for a Quote Request from Customer???


Business Writing Blog

Hello, Safan. If you write a first attempt of the message, I will comment on it.

Give it a try.



Thank you very much. I got exact answer what i need.

Padma B

Hello Ms. Lynn,
I'd like to write an auto reply for any email received. Since i resigned from the organisation, the person should understand that i'm not in this org, how to tell them that i won't be part of the organisation and the alternate contact info.
Can you help me?
i need a formal auto reply. Please help me.

Business Writing Blog

Hello, Padma. You can find what you need at another blog post, "'Out of Office' When You Are Out Permanently." You can find it here:




Thank you for your email. I am away from the office and will return on Monday, june 10. If your message requires a reply, I will respond when I return.
Bonjour ! Je suis en congés et vous répondrai dès que j'aurai lu votre message.

Yimian Kabore

Business Writing Blog

Hello, Yimian. Be sure to capitalize the names of the months when you are writing in English.


Paul Anonymous

Thanks for this wonderful Guide!


thank you for you effort


Thx for some good points I will use them next time im out of the office! :)

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