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How to Say “Nice to Meet You” via Email

Out of all the pleasantries that can be commonly heard both in the business world and in our daily lives, “it’s nice to meet you” seems to be one of the most popular. In addition to being common, it is also efficient and commonly understood, making it a great introductory statement. 

However, partially because it is commonly used as a polite way to acknowledge a new acquaintance, it has also become a bit mundane. Why not add a little flair when meeting a new contact by using a unique alternative? Let’s take a look at a few variations, and see which are appropriate in a business setting. But first, let’s tackle a common issue many of us face – how to acknowledge a new contact when meeting someone virtually. 

The Clunky “E-meet” (and the Perfect Alternative)

In the business world, we are often introduced virtually via email, group chat, etc. Thus, it may feel strange and somewhat unnatural to say, “It’s nice to meet you,” since you aren’t actually making a physical connection.

This makes many people wonder if it would be more correct to say something like “It’s nice to e-meet you” or “I appreciate getting to virtually meet you.” 

While these phrases aren’t necessarily wrong, they are a little clunky and tend to sound odd or old-fashioned to the virtually-adept audience. The world is moving fast, and getting introduced by email is no longer an oddity. Therefore, you should feel free to drop the “virtual” or the “e-” from your email greetings. 

It’s Great to Connect With You

While many of the below-listed alternatives would make a good swap for unnecessary “e-meet” or “virtually meet,” we really like “It’s great to connect with you.” The reason is that we now live in a digital world and connections are everywhere. Whether it’s via email or on social media, we are always connecting. Hence, we believe this to be the best alternative.  

What Are Some Other Alternatives For “It’s Nice to Meet You” 

Now that we know the age-old greeting “It’s nice to meet you” can be a bit stale, and using “virtual” or “E-” in your digital messages can be odd, what are some other ways you can warmly and professionally greet a new working relationship? 

I’m Excited to Start Working with You” 

It never hurts to let someone know your excitement and happiness related to starting a new business relationship. It adds new energy to the conversation without being too far-fetched or inappropriate. 

Letting whoever you are messaging know your feelings (even if they are negative) can be a great way to open up and create a culture of free communication. Additionally, it can lessen the anxiety commonly surrounding talking to new people. 

I’ve Heard Nice Things About You” 

Another great way to introduce yourself to someone online is to say, “I’ve heard good/nice things about you.” Not only does it break the ice if you are slightly familiar with the person, but it lets them know that you hold them in high regard. 

Who doesn’t like a compliment? By using this quick and effective greeting, you will surely get off on the right foot in any conversation! 

I Appreciate the Introduction” 

Greeting someone over email can be especially difficult if you have been introduced to them through someone else. Simply thanking whoever started the introduction is a great way to be kind while also starting the conversation with the new person! 

You are letting everyone involved know that you are excited to make a new connection and grateful for the opportunity. 

Being grateful and appreciating new contacts is a great way to invite more positive connections in the future! 

Skip The Introduction 

Let’s face it; sometimes, it can be difficult to try and follow common pleasantries. Especially in a professional setting, many people would much rather get straight to business. 

You should also be able to skip the introduction as long as you are polite and nice within the rest of your email. When messaging someone with clear business ideas or questions, you may want to ask them upfront instead of starting with a long introduction. 

Common Variations For “It’s Nice to Meet You” 

If you want to use a simple swap for “it’s nice to meet you” instead of trying to find a unique greeting, there are many! Some of the most common swaps include: 

As you are being introduced

  • Lovely to meet you 
  • How are you? (in person)
  • Glad to meet you
  • Good to meet you
  • Delighted to meet you
  • How wonderful to meet you
  • It’s a pleasure to meet you
  • It’s very nice to meet you
  • Pleased to meet you

After the meeting


  • It’s been great meeting you 
  • It’s been great connecting with you 
  • I appreciate meeting you 
  • Great interacting with you
  • Delighted to meet you
  • I’ve enjoyed meeting you
  • It is a delight chatting with you
  • I really enjoyed talking with you
  • It was lovely meeting you
  • It was nice talking to you

Slightly less formal:

    • Nice meeting you
    • Great seeing you
    • Happy to meet you


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