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January 19, 2007


Michael A. Stelzner

Hi Lynn;

I am not sure I would call NET 20 jargon as much as I would relevant language targeted to an audience.

It is less lingo and more a widely held term.

My 2 cents.



Mike, thanks for your 2 cents. I continue to think "Net 20" is jargon, which may be the same as "relevant language targeted to an audience." I like your remark that it is a widely recognized term, though. "How widely recognized?" is a question we have to continually ask ourselves as writers.



Hi Lynn,

You probably know by now that SEO is "search engine optimisation".

To WebProNews, 99% of the audience are fairly familiar with the subject of SEO, so it really wouldn't occur to them to define it for new readers.

I guess a good way to work around this in industry specific publications is include near the top or in a sidebar a link: "Need some clarification on the jargon we use? Click here for a glossary of terms".

Interesting one on the Net20, didn't think about that myself - and made the same mistake as you! :)



Alastair, the funny thing is that I myself am familiar with search engine optimization. But when I saw SEO, it just didn't click--so to speak.

I like your practical idea of a linked glossary.

Thanks for writing.


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