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August 30, 2010


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R. Selvaraju

Why is there a hyphen between Twenty and seven?

Business Writing Blog

R., subscribe to the newsletter and you will find out!



Hmm between tens and units I believe. I'll subscribe too.

Rob Hudson

Not imprecise at all to any reader, who would know implicitly that you were talking about the students.

Business Writing Blog

Hi, Rob. I would rather be explicit in this situation, so I appreciated Laura's correction.


Sandra Folk

Hi Lynn,
I really like the Error Quest challenge idea that you include in your monthly newsletter. It is a creative way to provide added value and practice for people who read your newsletter.
I also like that you say that you too make errors, even though you are an expert in the business of writing.
As a person who is also in the business of writing, it gives me food for thought. So thanks!

Business Writing Blog

Thank you, Sandra. I appreciate your taking the time to comment.


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