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May 11, 2013


Penny Lau

Dear Lynn,
I do agree with you on the 'fewer and less' usage. and oh, I got them all correct.
As for the 'It's me' versus the 'It's I' usage, I would rather think that 'It's I' would be when the pronoun 'I' is the doer, like 'Who broke the vase?' And the answer would be 'It's I'. ('I' was the one who broke the vase) and 'Whom did Sam go with?' (It's) me. (Sam went with me).
Anyway, as you so rightly pointed out, accept words/phrases that come across as more effective and widely used, as language is primarily about usage - language is 'alive' only when it is used). Grammar rules are just rules, and rules are basically made to be broken.

Marlene Braxton

I wanted to express how much I appreciate your blog. It has been a tremendous help. However, when I am tested (as in this week's post), I find that my instincts are accurate only 75 percent of the time. It seems that where grammar is concerned, I can do little better.

Have you found this to be true with others, and what is your perspective on this?


Lynn Gaertner-Johnston

Penny, I am impressed that you got them all correct. Nice work!

Your way of looking at "It's me" and "It's I" is intriguing. Thanks for sharing it.


Lynn Gaertner-Johnston

Hi, Marlene. Interesting question!

I believe 75 percent accuracy is excellent on the tests I offer here. You are doing very well. Some people confess to me that they get most items wrong.

The reason I cover a topic is that people ask me about it. Or it is that I notice people making errors in business writing courses. I am surprised when people get all the answers correct, as Penny did (above).

I would not be concerned about your 75 percent score, as long as you recognize why certain answers would not generally be considered correct.

I appreciate your question.



Cool tips for all us sub continent people. we generally mix them all up and use them as synonyms


Thanks for the great information.
I am preparing for GMAT and most of the resources failed to explain the proper usage of less and fewer.
You instill far more sense and accuracy.

Lynn Gaertner-Johnston

Pravin, thanks for your comment. Good luck on the test!


Dave Man

I came here as an international student studying English for Grad school. Great post. Will be following this post more

Lynn Gaertner-Johnston

I'm glad it was helpful.


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