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September 12, 2018


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Is that a typo on #4 in the checklist? Ha!
Love this training blog! Thank you for giving us these timely reminders and lessons in syntax!

Lynn Gaertner-Johnston

Hi Nancy,

I'm stumped. Where is the error? Or are you teasing me?


George Raymond

Lynn, I like your checklist and item 1 in particular. Many people habitually respond to emails without updating the subject line. An example is retaining "Committee meeting on October 13" in an email exchange even after that exchange has shown that an October 13 meeting is impossible. I think you may have covered this phenomenon in a past post.


Tommaso Caldarola

It is annoying to read replies for different or mixing subjects.

Lynn Gaertner-Johnston

Hi George,

Thanks for your excellent example. That subject is not only stale--it's misleading.

I have covered the topic several times as part of email tips. One blog post goes back 10 years: http://www.businesswritingblog.com/business_writing/2008/01/re-are-you-arou.html

Thanks for commenting.


Lynn Gaertner-Johnston

Hi Tommaso,

Thanks for that example. When people add a new topic to an email reply, it should be a new email instead.

A mix of subjects in emails does slow down and annoy readers--unless all the subjects fall under one umbrella. For example, if I sent you an email about all the tasks I had accomplished, those tasks might fall into many categories, but all would be under the umbrella of my accomplishments.

Thanks for stopping by.



N. 12 made me laugh :D

I'm guilty of forgetting to attach my attachments, too often than I'd like.

I do try to remove all unnecessary people from the CC field. I desperately wish my colleagues would do the same.

I try to check my spelling and grammar as often as humanly possible but sometimes I just don't have the time (or feel too confident...). When I happen to read my own old messages and find errors it makes me cringe and wonder how could I possibly be so distracted.

Lynn Gaertner-Johnston

Hi Deborah,

Welcome to being human! I hope you find the checklist helpful--even Number 12.

Thanks for your comment.




Many thanks for your precious help. I just love your blog and get addicted to it.
PS: I'm new learner doing my best to get good result at the earliest.
wish you best of luck

Lynn Gaertner-Johnston

Salma, thanks for your comment. I appreciate your enthusiasm.

Because I know you want to learn, I have edited your message for a U.S. audience:

Hi Lynn,

Many thanks for your precious help. I just love your blog and have gotten addicted to it.

I wish you the best of luck.


P.S.: I'm a new learner doing my best to get good results.

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