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November 19, 2019


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Hi Lynn,

I love this kind of test! I made 4 mistakes (continuous, pours, uninterested, discrete). My first language is Italian, I reckon this helped me a lot in many situations!


Am I the only one who wondered, given the nature of Roman mythology, if someone could choose to use 'fauning' to imply something more... bacchanalian? It's was interesting to see how many commonly misused words have opposing meanings - in English/American, context is all.

Tommaso Caldarola

14/20. Not bad for a not fluent English.

Hail from Italy

Shelley Manes

The only 2 I had to guess were 17 and 18. I didn't even realize immanent was a word! So now I have a new vocabulary word. And to remember when to use discreet vs. discrete, I'll remember separate and discrete both end with a vowel, consonant, silent e.

Anita Roberts

Good list, Lynn!
I was uncertain on a couple of these (4 and 10). Thanks for helping us refine our vocabularies. This reminds me of when I was young and my Dad would quiz me with the Reader's Digest "How to Enrich Your Word Power" column.

Business Writing Blog

Thanks, everyone, for letting me know how you did.

Deborah, nice work! I'm glad you got so many correct but learned a thing or two.

Walker, that hadn't crossed my mind. Very creative!

Tommasso, not bad at all! You can probably avoid most of the ones you got wrong, but I am glad you learned about them here.

Shelley, I'm glad you got a couple of surprises here. "Immanent" is not a common word. To avoid confusion (from readers), I would choose "inherent," which many people instantly recognize.

Anita, 4 and 10 are good ones to master. Just last night I heard a TV newscaster say "emigrated to the United States." We know better!


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