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How to Use There, Their and They’re

There, their, they’re. When it comes to commonly confused words, this trio is at the top of the list. It doesn’t help that all three words are pronounced exactly the same, and many people can’t keep their spellings straight. In this article, we’ll go over each word and its usage in depth.

  • There refers to the opposite of here
  • Their indicates that people have possession of something
  • They’re is a contraction made of the words “they are” or “they were”

What Does There Mean?

There can be used as an adverb or a pronoun. As an adverb, there is the opposite of here. It means “at that place.” For example, “She asked me to go there and feed the cats while she’s away.”

As a pronoun, there introduces a word or clause. For instance, “There is something weird going on with him today.” Another example: ” There is often much confusion, it comes to the words there, their and they’re.”

What Does Their Mean?

Their is used as the third-person plural possessive pronoun. For example, “With their kind words, my coworkers made my bad day a little bit better.” Another example is, “They didn’t want all of their hard work to go to waste.”

What Does They’re Mean?

They’re is a contraction made from the words “they are” or “they were.” It uses the same concept as the contraction we’re, which comes from we are, and you’re, which comes from you are. One example is, “They’re going on vacation tomorrow.” Another is, “You should meet my sisters; they’re so funny.”

Examples of There, Their and They’re

  • There is one way to save the planet.
  • Tons of ads encourage you to buy from their online stores, but how many encourage you to stop by their physical stores?
  • In this interview, they’re explaining their reasons for joining the protest that took place there.
  • The nation adored them, thanks to their patriotism and commitment to morality. 

Here is a little chart to help your remember:

Chart explaining there their they re

Now that you know the difference, take this little quiz to hone your skills!

Posted by Jessica Allen
By Jessica Allen

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