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How To Write a Business Bio

If you could use three words to explain your personality to someone, which words would you use? Maybe all that popped into your head was “I’m a person” or “Need a job.” If so, you’re in the right place. Writing a bio isn’t easy; it’s always a challenge to define yourself in only a few words. But don’t worry–you can do it! Not only is thinking about who you are a great writing exercise, but it’s also a powerful form of personal development. Here are some tips on how to write a business bio.

How to Write a Short Bio

Think about online bios; what comes to mind? Most people think of Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest. Each of these platforms has a place for a short description of yourself, who you are, and what you do. It’s important to make the most of the few lines you’re afforded! You should keep your social media bios short and sweet, and remember to only include things that you’d want a stranger to know about you. This usually consists of your name, your current role, your ultimate goal, and your biggest achievement.

How to Write a Professional Bio

There are many professional sites out there, including AngelList, LinkedIn, and event sites. Each of these has space for a bio or summary section. What’s important to include in a professional bio is a mid-length description of your current role, professional goals, and noteworthy achievements. On LinkedIn especially, professional bios allow for more detail than social media bios. Here’s what you should include:

  • First and last name
  • Professional tagline or current role
  • Personal brand or company
  • Professional goals and aspirations
  • A few of your most noteworthy achievements
  • One fun fact about you (depending on the website)

What to Include in a Bio for Work

If you’re writing a bio for your company’s website, Slack interface, or HR system, you’ll want to share both your personality and your professional expertise. Allow your coworkers to get a glimpse of who you really are!

Anything you would put into a professional bio is also appropriate in a bio for your company. The difference is that in a bio for your company, you don’t need to shy away from personalization with personal details. You can mention a favorite hobby, the last book you read, or a person you look up to. This way, your coworkers can get a sense of who you are even if they haven’t yet worked with you.

What to Include in a Bio for Your Personal Website

If you’ve ever tried to write the “About” section for your personal website, then you know it can be a hassle. After creating a whole website about yourself, it’s time yet again to write a description of who you are.

But don’t worry; your website bio doesn’t need to be too complex. All it requires is context regarding who you are and what you’ve done. A personal website bio is a larger, open space where you can list several accomplishments and explain exactly why they’re important. It’s also nice to add a brief paragraph mentioning who you are outside of work. With this type of bio, it’s wise to add a contact form or email information so that any prospective collaborators, clients, or employers can easily get in touch. If you do include this, remember to add a clear call to action that will convince readers to contact you.

A Bio Template to Use and Customize

Even now, after reading about various types of bios, it can still be challenging to write a business bio. The words might not be flowing just yet, you might not be sure about where and how your professional bio will be used and displayed, or you may feel completely stuck. In any case, this bio template should be helpful, and variations of it can be used on any site.

  • First and last name
  • Brand or company
  • Current position or function
  • Overall goals or values
  • Top accomplishments/milestones of your career
  • Personality/hobbies outside of work
  • Contact information

Bio Example

The Informative Short Bio: Heather Heying’s Twitter

An example of how to write a business bio: Biography of Heather E. Heying

Heather’s Twitter bio describes her career and hobbies while also promoting her book. It also includes links to her professional websites in case any followers wish to contact her or find additional information.

Four Tips for a Great Bio

We’ve given you lots of info on how to write a bio, but that doesn’t make it easy to write about yourself. Remember, even the most confident people can struggle with self-promotion! Luckily, there are a few tips to keep in mind that should be helpful for your “about me” writing.

1. Don’t think too much.

Most bios follow a formula, and that’s totally fine. In the case of most LinkedIn summaries, professional bios, and speaker bios for events, it’s not really necessary to stray from the norm. Simply including an adjective that gives readers a clue about your personality or mentioning a fascinating achievement can make your bio fun and different. 

2. Know your worth.

Writing a bio on a huge social media platform can be understandably daunting–there is a crazy amount of people and bios out there already! But don’t fall into the comparison trap. Remember this: You’re the only one who gets to tell your story in this way, and you have inherent value. As long as you remain authentic and sincere, there’s no need to be concerned about anyone else!

3. Feel free to borrow.

We’ll admit it: Bios are often tedious and repetitive. If you discover a structure you like that stands out, then feel free to borrow it! Avoid copying someone’s bio–that’s their story, not yours–but you can absolutely mimic its structure. 

4. Get help.

You’re not the only one who is trying to create a bio that stands out from the crowd. Asking friends for feedback or using online grammar software can help you write the perfect business bio and make it one of a kind!

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