This Is How Overwhelmed Students Can Motivate Themselves

If you are overwhelmed with your studies, there are amazingly simple ways and means you can improve your situation and study in a much more relaxed manner. Here are some of the ways overwhelmed students can motivate themselves.

You Come To Terms With Reality

Every student has motivational problems from time to time. But some students deal with this situation much better than the rest. What they do differently: They accept their current situation.

The first small step towards more motivation is therefore to acknowledge your motivation problem. Realize that you don’t feel like it at the moment and are putting off important things, even though you should have taken action long ago. Don’t judge yourself but be honest with yourself: You lack the motivation to tackle your tasks and get started.

Name your difficulties directly, but don’t focus on the negative vibes. You must not wallow in self-pity; it’s more about recognizing the problem and then directly focusing on the solution. For example, you missed a deadline for important deadline and now you don’t have enough time to write it properly. Don’t focus on this, try to find a solution like finding a paper writing service for your purposes. 

You Get An Overview

Your studies are one of the biggest projects of your life. It’s a mammoth task and requires your full energy. New tasks and challenges rain down on you every day. But especially when you feel overwhelmed, you must not lose track.

Because if you take a closer look at your studies, it is nothing more than a collection of many small, interconnected tasks. But this abundance of individual steps looks like a terribly big hurdle at first glance; a mountain of tasks that you can never climb in your imagination.

You are literally overwhelmed by your lectures, exams, and research papers and lose your bearings in this tangle of obligations. And then the control. That’s why you have to get a precise overview of your current situation and orientate yourself in strenuous phases. Otherwise, you get bogged down. You might have a lot of tasks to do, but there are always some good solutions to them. If not having enough time, you can delegate part of the tasks to services like

They Sort Their Thoughts

Every day you have to think of a thousand things that you somehow have to absorb, process, and evaluate. You are literally drowning in the opportunities available to you and are overwhelmed by far too many tasks. But what happens to all this information, appointments, and important reminders that you mustn’t forget? That’s right: they’re buzzing around in your head. And they block you.

That’s why they have to get out of there. You need to make space and clear your head of all the ideas and information so you can focus on your tasks and not be constantly distracted. The plan for this is simple: You take everything that’s buzzing in your head and put it somewhere else – in a list, for example. This ensures that your internal resources are free again and that you don’t have to expend any energy to suppress or temporarily store thoughts.

Clean up your head and throw your thoughts out. Don’t waste valuable thinking capacity but move all information to an external location – and keep it there. Especially when you’re overwhelmed with lots of little things, this is an effective way to organize your thoughts and gather all the tasks into one simple list. And remember there are lots of the best writing services online which can help you out even with the most complicated tasks. 

They Make Plans

When your tasks are piling up and your to-do list is overflowing, there’s one thing you can’t do: work blindly. If you go into this challenging situation without a strategy, you will drown from being overwhelmed.

Self-motivated students know this. That’s why they don’t start a study or work session headless. The first thing they do is set up a plan – a battle plan that will help them fight their way through the army of tasks step by step.

And the beauty of it is, this plan doesn’t have to be extensive or involve sophisticated techniques. It is enough if you collect your tasks on a simple list and then arrange them according to priority. If you now assign a deadline to each to-do, you can get started and are guaranteed not to go under without a plan.

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By Susan Barlow

Dr. Susan Barlow is retired from academia after teaching business administration, project management, and business writing courses for over 20 years.

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