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What Is The Meaning Of “In Regard To?”

What Does In Regard To Mean?

Let’s discuss the meaning of the phrase “in regard to” or “in regards to.” To put it simply, with regard or in regards to are phrases used to mean regarding, concerning, or interested on the subject of. They are used to connect ideas within sentences. For instance, you may see this in a lot of formal emails, which can read something like:

In regards to your thoughts on the company logo, I thought we could go in this direction.

In other words, using in regards allows you to reference other thoughts or ideas easily. You may see that some people use regard while others use regards; these mean the same thing; most people just choose whichever one sounds the best. 

graphic listing the meanings of "in regard to"

Using Regards vs. Regard:

As mentioned, using both in regard and in regards is correct and has the same meaning. Take the following sentences where both can be used: 

  • I am making this decision in regard to my health 
  • With regards to your professor, I hope he is okay! 

Notice how the usage can also affect what both phrases mean. For instance, in the first sentence, regard is used more as a meaning of acknowledgment of other ideas. In contrast, in the second sentence, regards denotes worry about an event or individual. 

While this may seem confusing, in the end, you can’t go wrong with either version of this common English saying! 

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