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Is It Envision Or Invision?

Is it envision or invision?  Here is the quick response:

  • Envision is the correct spelling
  • Invision is a misspelling of the word “envision”

Languages evolve, and spelling patterns change. Some words that used to be accurate become errors. For instance, most writers no longer spell jail as gaol, even though this used to be the dominant spelling.

The word envision is the same. Long ago, it could be spelled as either envision or invision. As the English language changed, though, one form dropped out of standard usage, and the other became normal.

Not sure which is which? You aren’t the only one—many writers don’t know whether invision or envision is the correct way to spell this word. Continue on to learn more about these spelling differences.

What’s the Difference Between Invision and Envision?

In this article, I’ll compare invision vs. envision. I’ll outline the correct, modern spelling so that you don’t make this error in your future writing.

At the end, I’ll also show you a mnemonic device that you can use to help yourself decide how to spell this challenging verb.

How to Use Envision

What does envision mean? Envision is a verb that means to imagine or visualize something.

For instance, a philosopher might envision a world without suffering, or a developer might envision a subdivision where farmland once stood.


  • Nor did he envision that it would impact fields as diverse as science, art, and design – the subject of “Beyond Rubik’s Cube”, an exhibit at the Liberty Science Center, in Jersey City, New Jersey, that opened 26 April to celebrate the puzzle’s 40th anniversary. – The Guardian Tech
  • So it is difficult to envision nationalism thriving.In other European countries where nationalist parties demanded self-rule for their region, regional government successfully met those demands, and satisfied all but the extremists. – The Economist

Envision remains as the spelling in most present tense forms and is conjugated according to the rules of regular verbs.

 Here is a brief breakdown of some conjugations of envision,

  •  I/We envision: first person present
  • They envision: third person plural present
  • I envisioned: simple past
  • You envision: second person present
  • He/She envisions: third person singular present
  • Envisioning: present participle

How to Use Invision

What does invision mean? Invision is simply a misspelling of the same word. Sources cite invision as an obsolete spelling, as it has not been widely used in more than 200 years. At the infancy of this word, invision had some general usage, but envision has been the predominant spelling for all of history.

InVision is actually the name of a software company based out of Portland, Oregon. In this usage, it’s a proper noun. As such, the and will always be capitalized.

A Trick to Remember the Difference

Envision is the only accurate spelling of the noun that means to visualize or imagine. It’s not clear whether or not invision was ever the standard spelling, but it’s certainly clear that it is not the common spelling today.

Remember that envision is the proper spelling of this verb. Remember that the verb does not contain the letter I, and invision begins with that letter.


Envision or invision? Envision is a verb meaning to visualize or imagine something. Invision is just a misspelling of that verb. InVision is a proper noun referring to an American software company.

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