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How To Get SEO Links By Writing Newsworthy Content

Increasing organic search traffic has never been an easy task. However, it is still one of the top tasks for every website owner, company, and brand. While there are a lot of different tactics for an SEO boost, getting backlinks is a good opportunity for site owners to move up in the rankings, and creating a newsworthy story is just one of the tips you are welcome to follow.

What is the best tactic for website owners to generate high-quality do-follow backlinks? How to get backlinks from Google with the help of news? This article will open up the ways to publish your content and get a quick influx of good backlinks.

How to Promote Your Content?

When it comes to press releases or newsworthy elements of content, a lot of business owners find it challenging to grab the attention of publishers and get backlinks. Here are a few ideas to promote your content better:

  • Start with local media. Local publishers are actively publishing news content, so choose top sites and contact a representative to publish your press release.
  • Reach out to industry publishers. Industry publishers actively post high-quality and interesting content as well. Therefore, you should not pass by such sites. Find the top ones and negotiate on posting your article.
  • Find the list of do-follow backlinks. To get quality links, you can find a submission list of do-follow backlinks. Then you need to submit your content to these sites, which will ensure that you build a good link mass and get more backlinks quickly.
  • Use guest posting. If you are ready to create high-quality content, then you should consider such an option as guest posting. It is recommended to pay attention to edu sites to get quality backlinks. As such sites have more authority and will positively affect your ranking.
  • Make sure your content is high quality. Photos used in the article must be unique (purchased from or other photo stocks or your own). Use the proper photos that are retouched and prepared for the web. The text for the article must be proofread by native speaker.
  • Use social networks. Be sure to announce your content on the site and on your social media profiles. This will draw the attention of both your audience and other sites. 

Also, don’t forget that there is a need to work on your website and blog. Nobody will share your content if your website and blog don’t deliver a great user experience and the articles aren’t engaging. So, check out some tips on how to create quality blog content.

How to Create Catchy Content with Press Release Elements?

To get benefits from SEO for news sites, there is a need to create catchy content. So, it is worth understanding what publishers may be interested in. Usually, such articles come with some hype element and are centered around a certain event but there are a few more options that can generate interest in your content.

Create a New Study

Coming up with authentic research is an SEO tactic that is always relevant. Research is what news resources will pay attention to and what can bring backlinks. At the same time, sharing your own research will help you in the long run. 

For example, a description of some event can bring backlinks on a short-term basis. But such content as research is used not only by publishers. In the future, content writers can use your research data in their articles, which will continue to bring you backlinks, even months after the publication.

Announce a New Service/Product Launch

Updating the assortment and launching new products is another information occasion that you can use. Such an idea can work equally well for promoting your product and generating new backlinks. You can also talk about some kind of update or modernization of an existing service or product. 

This type of content can often be featured in the news posted by niche-specific platforms. You can also reach out to influencers in your niche to get targeted traffic. Usually, negotiating with influencers can be easier than negotiating with major publications. If we talk about top publishers, then this is easier to do when you promote a truly innovative and high-quality product or service. 

Create an Event

If your company is planning to hold some kind of event or takes part or any sponsors activity, then you shouldn’t miss an opportunity to create newsworthy content, distribute it across the platforms and social media, plus encourage your followers to share your announcements 

It is also worth paying attention to participation in some charity events. It always attracts the attention of the press, plus it is an opportunity to strengthen your brand image and better communicate your values. Also, think about joining some eco-friendly initiatives since sustainability is one of the hottest business trends today. For example, you can get together with the whole team and plant a few trees. This will be a good option for the press release as well. 

Talk About Your Rebranding or Redesign

Rebranding or updating the design is also a good option that the media can pay attention to. For example, you can update the design of products. You can switch to the packaging of goods from eco-friendly materials. You can change the logo or simply update the design of the site.

The only tedious thing is to write the right content. The right words can turn even the smallest change into something that will attract the attention of the audience and generate an influx of backlinks.

The Bottom Line

Now you know what it takes to create newsworthy content. Use the tips from this article and create content that will appear on all platforms. Be proactive, and feel free to offer your news to niche-specific media. What’s more, this is a good opportunity to get new customers, so consider getting started with newsworthy content already today.  

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By Susan Barlow

Dr. Susan Barlow is retired from academia after teaching business administration, project management, and business writing courses for over 20 years.

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