Top Digital Tools for New Business Owner

    If you have always wanted to run a start-up but doubt for a certain reason you should give yourself a try. Nowadays you can become a digital business owner and build the career of your dreams. Such an idea means that a businessman adapts popular IT technologies to run the business.

    To be honest, it is a game-changing strategy that helps individuals to run new companies without many issues, generate employment for other people, improve local and global economics, etc.

    So if you wonder what technology tools are used in business you should welcome the following information. These tools and apps are called to help you run your company like a pro.

    What are the 5 digital tools for business owners?

    #1. VeePN as a security guard

    A VPN is a Virtual Private Network that is an essential instrument to protect your files, documents, and any other data. There are useful add-ons for Firefox, Chrome, and other browsers together with online tools. Such Firefox extensions solve many tasks for business owners and don’t require huge investments. There are many free apps and services you can use for your purposes. For instance, to protect your personal information, access blocked content, and so on.

    It is extremely easy to add a VPN addon Firefox. For instance, if you use Mozilla you can find a list of available instruments in the extension field or follow the direct link to Firefox VPN and install it immediately. This is a free VPN for Mozilla with extended features that works like a tunnel and builds a safe connection between different gadgets. As a result, your Internet provider and numerous hackers wouldn’t access your personal data because of the free VPN extension.

    Thanks to this Firefox VPN extension you will surf the Web in total anonymity, access banned content by changing your current location, and avoid annoying ads. If you want to protect traffic on your mobile devices you can use a VPN free download. Then install a VeePN app and safeguard all outgoing traffic.

    #2. Slack as a communication center

    Proper communication is a base of efficient teamwork. It helps every member of your company understand the tasks, perform duties, and work. Many small companies use Skype and other well-known apps but this is not the best option for team conversions.

    Take a look at Slack. You can have individual and group chats for a specific subject, a new project, a department, and so on.

    #3. Trello as an interactive project manager

    When you use a VPN free download you focus on external issues. And with a comprehensive project management tool, you improve the inner workflow of your business. Here is Trello – a worldwide popular project management software.

    Thanks to this digital tool, you can make tasks, create to-do lists, set goals, track the activity of in-house and remote employees, etc. This is a versatile tool that will make you and your team more organized.

    #4. Buffer as a social media helper

    Nowadays a presence in social media isn’t an option for companies but a must rule. You need to create attractive accounts on Facebook, Instagram, and other platforms depending on your target audience’s preferences. This step is vitally important to promote your company and your products.

    Such digitalization tools like Buffer save much time and give spectacular results without effort. Here are the key features of this instrument:

    – make and schedule publications on one or several social platforms;

    – gather messages from all your accounts into one dashboard;

    – access analytics to improve your social activity.

    #5. Flipsnack as a promotional assistant

    This is a cloud-based instrument that allows creating of many popular documents to enhance promotional campaigns. For instance, presentations, brochures, reports, catalogs, and so on. You may use files of popular formats including PDF, GIF, JPG, HTML5, etc.

    With Flipsnack you will access a variety of templates. So it would be easy to find a good design and style for any document for your business.

    What tools would be most helpful for a start up business?

    Long story short, there are many services and apps you should try before you find the most efficient and appropriate options for you and your business. If you want to know what is the most successful marketing tool for small businesses then you must clarify there is no general instrument suitable for all companies. On the one hand, many tools and services help to improve your communication between employees, protect sensitive information,  develop high-quality marketing campaigns, etc.

    On the other hand, everything depends on your company, target audience, and expectations. For instance, a small coffee shop owner should rely on social media platforms and use viral content. Such a combination of strategies will help you to find your loyal customers and step-by-step scale your business to a shop chain. That’s why you need several SMM tools or Firefox extensions.

    Anyway, the mentioned above 5 digital tools for business are powerful enough to improve your project significantly. All of them are worth your attention but if you consider which instrument to start with, then pay attention to the VeePN and Trello. A free VPN extension will protect your sensitive data and an interactive project manager will improve your team performance.

    Once you organize a proper workflow and protect your business, you will be able to scale its opportunities. Then it’s time to develop communication with Slack, promote your products with Flipsnack, and deep dive into the social media world with Buffer.

    Anyway, don’t ignore such impressive achievements of modern technologies. Thanks to helpful and efficient digital instruments every business owner is capable of being faster, higher, and stronger!



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