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Astrology vs Astronomy: What’s The Difference?

Let’s have a look at astrology vs astronomy – is there a difference? You may have heard both terms used in everyday speech to describe things that relate to outer space and the stars. Even though these words sound very similar and relate to the same idea, do they mean the same thing? And how do you use them in your writing? 

What Does “Astronomy” Mean?

“Astronomy” refers to the study of everything that lies within space. For instance, astronomers (or those who study “astronomy”) may work with stars, planets, galaxies, asteroids, and even seasonal cycles. 

Astronomy” is a heavily academic discipline that relies on observation, research, and the scientific method. 

What Does “Astrology” Mean? 

In contrast, “astrology” is a term that refers to the belief that the alignment of stars/planets in space effect what happens on earth. It is often related to zodiacs and the current events happening on Earth. 

For instance, someone interested in “astrology” might make predictions of future events based on projected planetary alignments.

In comparison to “astronomy,” it is considered a pseudoscience and often relies on first-hand accounts and subjective feelings. So when it comes to astrology vs astronomy, think telescopes and observatories for one and zodiac readings for the other. 

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