How To Write A Memorable Wedding Invitation

Weddings are often some of the happiest and most stressful experiences. One of the most confusing parts seems to be how to write a proper invitation. It can often be especially hard if there isn’t a clear set of rules or guidelines. Let’s get into how you can write a memorable yet simple wedding invitations without further ado. 

Choose If You Want To Individually Name The Cards 

One important thing to decide on with invitations is if you should name/address each card individually. If you don’t wish to, you can forget about this point. However, it can come in handy. Generally, the best way to address the cards is to leave a space for the guest’s name and have it hand-written. If you aren’t a caligrapher, however (like most people), you can just leave the cards without names. 

Be Clear And Set Expectations For The Wedding 

You should also be clear in your wedding invite and set clear expectations. For instance, some information you may want to explain are:

  • Where the wedding takes place (so people can plan for clothing, shoes, etc.) 
  • What the “vibe” will be (should your guests expect a late-night party or a calm night out with a few friends) 
  • Who is allowed at the wedding (are you allowing plus-ones, are children invited, etc.) 

Setting out the tone of the wedding allows guests to pre-plan and prepare. Additionally, it can let everyone be on the same page about the event! 

Keep Your Card Simple 

Even though you may want to include lots of information on your card, you should also try to keep it sleek and simple. Including too much information can make the entire invitation harder to read, confusing your guests. Just try to include some of the basics, such as: 

  • When the wedding is 
  • Where the wedding is 
  • How long is the wedding is 
  • What time is the wedding 

Are Children Allowed? 

One of the most infamous choices that people must make is if children are allowed to come to the wedding. Regardless of why you may want kids or not, it is your decision, but you should also make it clear to your guests. It is often suggested that you clearly state (in a kind and polite manner) that you don’t want kids at your wedding. In most cases, people don’t mind if they have enough time to set up childcare beforehand. 

Brief The Guests On What Will Be Happening 

As mentioned earlier, mentioning some details/events that may occur at the wedding can be helpful. For instance, letting people know that there may be dancing or a beach party would let them know what type of clothes to bring and what to be prepared for. Some common examples of guests briefs are:

  • A reception with dancing and appetizers will follow the wedding. 
  • After the wedding, drinks and appetizers will be served at the Groom’s house. 


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