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January 07, 2013


Colleen Campbell

I'm actually not at all surprised. I've seen writers come to blows over periods in a bulleted list and commas before an "and." It was bound to escalate at some point.


When the Onion gets it right, they get it very right. I especially enjoyed the reaction of the innocent passer-by to the discussion of the serial comma. How many of us have made our non-grammar nerd friends feel similarly?

MLA, yo!

Cathy Miller

If ever you want a lot of traffic (including drive-by shootings), write a post on grammar and/or typos. ;-)

Cathy Miller

Or is that driveby or drive by?) :-)

Val S.

Very funny! I'm glad you added "It's satire" because I once shared an Onion story about a 10-year-old being sentenced to time in the corner, and one person I sent it to just didn't get it. The Onion is so funny because their premises are always based on truth!

Lynn Gaertner-Johnston

Colleen, Jennifer, Kathy, and Val--I am glad you dropped by.

Colleen, you are right about the blows. I occasionally delete blistering comments by people who are certain their way is the only way.

Jennifer, you may be in the minority showing your colors for the "MLA Stylebook." I have it but don't typically consult it. In any case, thanks for sharing the original link!

Kathy, I'm with you on "drive-by."

Val, I had to add the note about satire. People who visit this blog from around the globe would believe we had taken insane violence to a new, literary level.

Thanks, everyone.



I posted a link to the "story" on my Facebook page, and only my acute writer friends even realized it wasn't a true story of tragedy. That says something about our culture, I think!
On another note, I thought whatever follows "based on" had to be what's modified by that phrase. So wouldn't "based on x, I did y" imply that you (the speaker) were based on x?'s an illness...

Lynn Gaertner-Johnston

Hi, Corey. You are correct about "based on." I seem to have slipped into a bad habit of using it the way you cited. I will fix it.


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