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October 10, 2011


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Terry Murphy

As a self-appointed apostrophe cop, I concluded long ago that signwriters are wilfully ignorant of apostrophes.

Down under, our streets are plastered with myriad signs for "DVD's", "CD's", "TV's", "hamburger's" and so on. It's rare to find a missing apostrophe, because Australian signwriters are keen to insert them before every "s".

Of course, a non-confrontational approach to apostrophes is to carry a pad of Post-it notes around with you and apply a correction when you see an error! :-)

Paula Diaco

Willfully ignorant is overstating it. Sign makers suffer the same level of grammatical challenges as the rest of the population. Problem is, their mistakes are announced to the world on the side of the highway.

Thank you, Lynn, for that clarification. Apostrophes seem so simple, but appear to flummox even the best of us.

Halley | Print Business Cards

Right. I would've noticed that eyeglass frame display as well. You've given such clear examples. This definitely helps a LOT!

Lynn Gaertner-Johnston

Thank you for weighing in on the subject, Terry, Paula, and Halley.

Terry, it must be frustrating to see all those apostrophes where they shouldn't be. I am not seeing as many of them as I used to.

Paula, thank you for reminding us that signmakers are just like the rest of us, but their work is exposed for all to see. With this blog, I find that my work gets the same scrutiny as yours in the sign business.

Halley, I'm glad you found the examples helpful.


Terry Murphy

You thought I was joking, didn't you, Lynn?

I spied the following on the back of a cabinetmaker's van in front of me this morning as I drove to Wage-slave Central:

Kitchens, Bathrooms, Wardrobes, Bars, Laundry’s

Did the signwriter get bored at the end, do you think?



Lynn Gaertner-Johnston

Hi, Terry. Weird! I guess the signwriter forgot the spelling "laundries."

Thanks for sharing.


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