Trick or Treat Punctuation!

Nothing scary for you today–just a quick punctuation challenge.

Which punctuation marks would you add to these two questions?

Who shouted, “Trick or treat”

Did the ghoul ask, “Where is the monster ball” 

Think it over before comparing your punctuation to mine below. No peeking! 

Friendly Halloween photo


1. Who shouted, “Trick or treat”

The Chicago Manual of Style would punctuate this way:

Who shouted, "Trick or treat!"? 

The Gregg Reference Manual would choose this:

Who shouted, "Trick or treat"? 

I like Chicago's approach, which incorporates both the exclamation and the question. Which do you prefer? 


2. Both style manuals recommend:

Did the ghoul ask, "Where is the monster ball?" 

A double question mark (?"?) would probably be overkill, but I like the idea of it.  

Happy Halloween!!!!!!!

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