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Names Ending in S, Ch, or Z – Adding the Apostrophe

Are you unsure of how to show the plural or possessive of certain names? Maybe you already know to write I met the Wilsonsdrove Brenda Wilson’s Ferrari, and visited the Wilsons’ house. But what if the name is Cortez or Beach or Michaels?

Rule: If you want to show the plural of a name that ends with a z, ch, or s sound, add es. If a name ends with ch but is pronounced with a hard k sound, its plural will need s rather than es.

The rules of using the apostrophe with words the end with S, Ch and Z


The Cortezes will be here soon.

The Thomases moved away.

The Beaches have arrived, but the Roderichs are going to be late.

Rule: If you want to show singular possession of a name ending in ch, add an ’s on the end of the name.


Lisa March’s house

Rule: Some writers simply add an apostrophe to show singular possession of a name ending in s or z. Others will add another s


Mr. Roberts’ car OR Mr. Roberts’s car

Rosa Gomez’s husband

Rule: If you want to show plural possession of a name ending in zch, or s, form the plural first, then instantly use the apostrophe.


the Robertses’ car

the Marches’ house

the Gomezes’ children


Pop Quiz

Select the correct proper noun in each sentence below. The original proper noun will be in parentheses.

1. I’m going to marry Mr. Reyes’/Reyeses’/Reyes’s daughter. (Reyes)

2. The Ruiz’/Ruizes’/Ruiz’s dog bit the mailman. (Ruiz)

3. My sons can’t seem to get enough of Laurel Branches/Branches’/Branch’s meatloaf. (Branch)

4. The Ames/Amess/Ameses arrive home from holiday on Saturday. (Ames)

graphic separating the quiz and the answers

Pop Quiz Answers

1. I’m going to marry Ms. Reyes’s daughter. (OR Ms. Reyes’ daughter)

2. The Ruizes’ dog bit the mailman.

3. My sons can’t seem to get enough of Laurel Branch’s meatloaf.

4. The Ameses arrive home from holiday On Saturday.

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