A lot vs. Alot vs. Allot

The most important thing to remember when considering alot vs. a lot,  that “alot” is not a real word. It is not in the dictionary, and it should never appear in your writing. 

“A lot” is always two separate words. So, the correct way to refer to many things is to say “a lot” of things. 

Now, to make things more confusing, “Allot” is a real word. It means to set aside for a special purpose. Another meaning is to give something to someone as a task. 

Here is an example sentence that correctly uses “a lot” and “allot.”

There is a lot of reading to get through. You should allot at least 3 hours to complete it.

So, to summarise, when considering alot vs. a lot, the answer is always a lot.

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By Patrice Riley

Patrice Riley is the pen name of Dr. Deborah Riley. She is a retired English professor that enjoys grammar, literature, and all things writing.

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