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5 Unique Ways To Say “It’s Nice To Meet You” In Your Writing 

Greeting people via emails is the main staple nowadays, making up a large portion of our interpersonal communication. Most people do so with a simple “It’s nice to meet you!” however, it can be rather bland and common. This can especially be troublesome for more important emails that require you to make a good first impression. 

Should You Acknowledge That You Are Communicating Online? 

It can honestly be a strange experience when first talking to someone online. In the end, you don’t even see their face in most cases, so should you recognize the fact that you are speaking over the internet?

This situation can especially occur in media/public relations jobs, were regularly communicating to new people via Email is commonplace. Many people write things such as “It’s nice to speak to you online”; however, it tends to feel unnecessary in most cases. Some people could be confused or even offended by mentioning you are only meeting online. 

Because we live in such a digital space now, it is probably best to simply drop the “virtual” and “online” acknowledgments in your email introductions! 

Tips: When introducing yourself over email, if you are using quotes in a fun way, it can get confusing quickly! Most of the time, sarcasm and other similar techniques don’t come over the internet well, so stick to the basics. 

What are some other unique ways to respond to an introduction online? 

Graphic illustrating five unique ways to say "it's nice to meet you" in an email.

More Unique Ways To Say “It’s nice to meet you” Over Email. 

“I’ve heard so many good things about you!” 

When the person you’re meeting has a great reputation, it may be a good idea to let them know you have heard positive things about them. To put it simply, everyone likes to be praised and recognized for their efforts. By doing so, you validate them and let them know you are excited to speak with them.


If you know specifics about their work/accolades, you could even mention those! For instance, you may want to mention their specific job, some accomplishments they have made, or even mutual contacts who have had good experiences with them. 

“Thank You For The Introduction!” 

This method of introduction can work in two ways. First off, it can be a show of gratitude for someone introducing you to someone new. Secondly, it can be a kind response for when someone new makes an introduction to you. Being kind and grateful for creating new contacts is a great way to say “thank you” without coming on too strong. 

In addition to this, saying “thank you” does more than just being nice, because it can improve bonds that you make with new people. In the end, people are more likely to continue working/talking with you if you are a nice and thankful person! 

“I’m Excited To Start Working With You” 

If you are truly ecstatic to start working with someone new, it is always good to say so. In doing so, you can let them know your feelings and let them know that you are invested in whatever you are doing with them! 

Meeting and greeting new people can be very anxiety-inducing, even in an online format. In creating a greeting that expresses your excitement, you can relieve some of this stress for you and your contact while also forming a positive bond. 

Cut To The Chase 

While it is polite to let someone know that you are glad to meet them, it is not required. Many people in business prefer to start working quickly instead of exchanging pleasantries. 

Keeping in line with the idea of pleasantries, it is important to still be polite and kind. If your Email is strictly business and you skip introductions, it can come off as slightly harsh. In contrast, if you start your Email with nice and positive things to say, you can effectively skip introductions politely! 

“It’s So Nice to Meet You”

While this article is about how to get around this phrase, it does have its place in our ways of communication. A simple “It’s nice to meet you” is barely noticeable in many emails but still lets them know your feelings about the interaction. If you want to say something along these lines without being too standard, consider using one of these synonymous statements: 

  • I’m glad to meet you. 
  • It’s great to connect with you 
  • Pleased to meet you 
  • How are you? 

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