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How Should I Express My Gratitude in Email?

Have you ever had someone help you in such a significant way that a simple “Thank you” seemed inadequate? Expressing gratitude is so important. Its effects on your attitude and outlook can be far-reaching. So, let’s explore some thoughtful and sincerely synonyms to the “express my gratitude” message.

  1. Use a Thesaurus

When writing a thank you card, you don’t have to repeat the word “thanks” over and over again. Use a thesaurus to find alternatives such as “I appreciate you” and “I’m so grateful.” This will also help your letter sound more natural.

2. Use Hyperbole

A hyperbole is an exaggerated statement. It is not good for formal writing; however, it can be very powerful in a thank you note. You can say, “You saved my life!” or “Thanks a million!” These phrases are not meant to be taken literally, but they can help the other person understand how grateful you are for their help. 

3. Share it

Personal thank you cards are great. However, sometimes a public expression of gratitude can be even more impactful. You can use social media, a meeting, or any public gathering to take a moment to say something kind about a person who helped you. 

4. Give details

What is more powerful to you?

A. Thank you!

B. Thank you for staying late last night to help me finish my project!

Most people would choose “B” because it is more specific. It feels good for people to recognize what you did to help them. So, make sure to get specific when offering gratitude. 

5. Be encouraging

You can take gratitude a step further by adding on encouragement. For example, if your child draws you a picture, you can tell them, “Wow! You’re such a great artist!” This is a way of expressing gratitude and encouraging them to continue doing such kind, thoughtful things. 

6. Tell them what they mean to you

Write out a list of your top 10 favorite things about that person. People love to hear the qualities that others admire in them. Maybe you’ll tell your friend that they are generous, funny, or a great listener. Your friend will likely cherish that list for years to come

7. Go Old School

Emails and social media messages are good. But there is still power in handwritten letters. Taking the time to write and mail a letter is a wonderful way to express gratitude. 

8. Be honest

If someone has touched your life in a way that makes all of the above suggestions seem inadequate, tell them that! You can use phrases like:

  • You mean more to me than you’ll ever know.
  • I can’t thank you enough. 
  • I’m eternally grateful. 
  • I’ll never forget what you’ve done for me. 

Take the time to show gratitude, and you’ll be glad you did!

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By Patrice Riley

Patrice Riley is the pen name of Dr. Deborah Riley. She is a retired English professor that enjoys grammar, literature, and all things writing.

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