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Is It Any More or Anymore? Which Is Correct?

The word anymore has been a point of confusion amongst many English writers. Keep reading to learn if it should be written with one or two words. 

While they are technically not interchangeable, anymore and any more have related meanings. The distinction between them depends on the context in which you are using them. In most cases, any more refers to quantities of something, whereas anymore is usually used to refer to changes within time. 

Examples Of Any More Vs. Anymore:

As a reminder, any more is used to talk about quantities; it no longer refers to changes within time. Below or some correct usage examples of each:

Are there any more slices of pizza left? 

You’re working so much; I barely get to see you anymore.

Why doesn’t he like to dance anymore? 

The child had seven slices of pizza; he could hardly eat any more.

Other Uses For Anymore:

Sometimes, anymore can also be used as a synonym for nowadays. Here is a great example: 

Milkshakes are very hard to come by around here anymore. 

While this is technically a correct usage, it is not usually acceptable in formal writing applications. It works best to avoid using it as a synonym for nowadays to keep your writing simple and understandable. 

Don’t worry if you are confused. Many English words pose the same challenges as anymore, such as anyway or sometimes, as they can each be technically written with one or two words. 

In the end, the main thing you should remember is that any more should be used to talk about quantity, anymore should be used to talk about changes in time. 

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